Greatest X-Man Ever/Finals

December 12th, 2006 by | Tags: ,

Finals this week, when combined with magazine deadlines, make for slow posting on my part until later in the week! I should be studying and writing at the moment, but, uh, yes, anyway–

A lot of people don’t like Wolverine’s new power boost. That’s cool, I can empathize. My favorite X-Man (or second favorite X-Man, if you’re going gender-neutral with “X-Man”) is way overpowered, too!

Thing is, mine is cool when he does these things. Here’s an example of the kind of awesome I’m talking about. Who else do you know that can take out a gang of Skrulls (with some help) and then knock out Gladiator?

uxm277p14.jpg uxm277p15.jpg

Yes. This is cool.

Anyway, I’m on silent running, mes braves. Gavok should have you covered.

Silent. Running.

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4 comments to “Greatest X-Man Ever/Finals”

  1. I just realized I have a hard copy of that comic.

    I hate nineties X-Men and never touch it.

  2. I do these posts for you, Kazoo!

  3. Gambit is pretty cool, though, I’m not disagreeing. I just wish he’d stop having horrible fashion sense.

  4. Woo! 52 card pickup!