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_42349761_putinbat-ap203.jpg (This was pointed out by my longtime buddy Mark Poa)
There is something interesting going on in Russia! This is a shot of Vladimir Putin touring a new defense intelligence building in Moscow. Notice anything familiar? Holy Red Son Batman, is that symbol really what I think it is? Did the Russians really grow their own Batman and put him in charge of DI? Note how they are all looking down at the emblem.

They are giving the Bat his due honor.

Article from the BBC here.

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2 comments to “Bat-Russian”

  1. Not only that, the “Main Intelligence Directorate”‘s name in Russian is acronymed “GRU”.


    Either they’ve had that emblem from years back or Bob Kane (or whoever first drew the bat symbol that way) was secretly a Russian sympathizer. 😀

  2. Oh, that’s brilliant. I only know of the GRU from pop culture, really, so I had no idea that they were part of the Bat-family!