Because You Have To Have Vocab

December 16th, 2006 by | Tags: , , ,

I have a proposal.

For the Internet.

I would like to see this term enter common usage in the near future:

Winick, v. To unnecessarily and gratuituously kill a dozen or more completely innocent bystanders as a plot device. Man, New X-Men Winicks all over the place this issue.

I want to see if this catches on. If so, maybe we’ll verb more nouns. (I think “Hudlining” is when you have a bunch of black people in the background of the scene commenting at random. I don’t even want to think about what Claremonting is.) It promises to entertain!

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12 comments to “Because You Have To Have Vocab”

  1. Claremonting is presumably the act of unnecessary and gratuitous dialogue to explain who a character is and what their powers are.

    Unless the stories about the model dressed up to look like Storm are true…

  2. The problem with “Claremonting” is that it could have so many possible uses, from the relatively decent (to create a memorable female character) to the horrible (to have an obvious and disturbing mind-control fetish).


  4. “Johns”, v. – To obsessively retcon/jettison/kill off what you always hated and rehash old stories.
    ex.: “Man, I’m Johnsing for Emerald Twlight.”

  5. And here I thought to Winick is to disregard previous continuity to present an after-school special.

    What brought this on? Outsiders or Green Arrow?

  6. Claremonting and Bruce Jonesing are horrifying ideas.

  7. What brought this on? Outsiders or Green Arrow?

    I was talking to dub about how goddamn depressing New X-Men is.

  8. “Bendising” – The act of padding what should be a simple 2-issue story into a trade via excessive wordiness.

  9. “I brought home a nice Frank Cho when I went to the bar. Then I woke up and saw she was really a Frank Quitely.”

  10. Oh my God.

    “Then I Winicked my own arm off to escape.”

  11. Ennis, v.
    To suffer a messy and horrible death and/or disfigurement, that is simultaneously hilarious to any onlookers.

    “Man, when that air conditioner fell out of the window, it totally Ennis’ed that guy and his dog.”

  12. “Your term paper got an F because you Jon Davised it.”