This Week in Panels: Week 223

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The week didn’t give us much to play with. Outside of the digital stuff, Marvel and DC released two comics each and the third parties didn’t bring much to the table either. Luckily, Gaijin Dan is able to pick up the slack by not only giving up the usual supply of manga, but tossed in some extra. It seems Viz has been doing a manga competition and released six finalists. Dan decided that Sweat Man wasn’t even worth cutting down to a panel and had a field day with the rest.

Otherwise, I got help from Matlock, who read all four of the Marvel/DC releases.

Avengers #24.NOW (Matlock’s pick)
Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, Salvador Larroca, Mike Deodato and Butch Guice

Avengers #24.NOW (Gavin’s pick)
Jonathan Hickman, Esad Ribic, Salvador Larroca, Mike Deodato and Butch Guice

Batman ’66 #24
Jeff Parker and Craig Rousseau

Bleach #562
Tite Kubo


Dragon Ball Z #45
Akira Toriyama

Forever Evil #4
Geoff Johns and David Finch

Golden Rabbit
Nick Kanoza

Justice League #26
Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis

Morning Star
Aitor Holgado

Naruto #659
Masashi Kishimoto

One Piece #732
Eiichiro Oda

Origin II #1 (Matlock’s pick)
Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert

Origin II #1 (Gavin’s pick)
Kieron Gillen and Adam Kubert

The Team Before Daybreak
Yu YanShu

Toriko #262
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

El Viento Del Norte
Niu Zai

World Trigger #44
Daisuke Ashihara

And so ends another year. I wish you all a great 2014. In the meantime, here’s one of my favorite YouTube videos of 2013. I’m not sure if I ever posted it, but if I did, here’s another go. While everyone was annoyed by the super-catchy and silly “What Does the Fox Say?” song by Ylvis, I absolutely love this straight-faced, acoustic cover by Jessica Allossery.

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2 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 223”

  1. Only issue I got was IDW’s Doctor Who Annual, which made for a fitting finale from the company. In brief: the Doctor falls into our universe, meets a fan and her mother, and attends a convention. Also, he meets Matt Smith. It’s from Paul Cornell, and it’s pretty charming.

  2. So, hey, in case anyone cares that manga competition is here: https://mangaaward.shonenjump.com/en

    Voting is open until the 5th. I suppose I’ve already dissed Sweat Man, so I’ll keep my mouth shut about the rest to avoid further prejudicing your vote. Assuming anyone actually cares about my opinion, I suppose.