Stuff I Liked in 2013: Bleach Back

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Tite Kubo’s Bleach always had one thing over its peers: it was cooler than anything else out. It had a swagger, a style, that couldn’t be beat. From the title pages to the fashion, Bleach was cool, even when it was bad. After a point, the bad started to outweigh the good, so I bailed.

After a break earlier this year, Kubo is back at it and Bleach is in its final arc. Bleach was soft for a long while. Now that we’re in the home stretch, though, Kubo’s clicking again, and the proof is in scenes like this, from a recent chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump:

tite kubo - bleach - root for the - 01

tite kubo - bleach - root for the - 02

tite kubo - bleach - root for the - 03

tite kubo - bleach - root for the - 04

A little cool goes a long way. Turning aside the blast at the last minute, the fur, a timely one-liner, a cool gimmick, impeccable title placement, and an unavoidable sense that it’s about to go down: Bleach is cool again.

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One comment to “Stuff I Liked in 2013: Bleach Back”

  1. I was just thinking along these lines these past few weeks, particularly as to this luchadore/superhero fight. Kubo picked a handful of decent characters(mostly just to destroy, mind), and took a real opportunity to show off the creativity and effortless cool that he can generate with the right set-up. Renji’s just the peak of this, being that one character who, occasional mis-step aside, is Kubo’s strongest creation. More so for that wicked closing line.

    I dunno, I’ve been down on Bleach for what must be years now, but this last month has been pure joy for me. Cool write-up on a cool thing!