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I try to keep 4l! pretty clean on my part. Outside of quotes—which admittedly is a huge thing to be like “let’s set aside this thing” thanks to how much rap music I talk about but bear with me—I try to avoid cussing in posts. It’s too easy, I think, but also not effective enough in my hands to be worthwhile as anything but an ultra-rare zap.

In real life, though, I could turn the air blue if I had to, and have probably done that even when I didn’t need to. Yeah, I like to say “fuck,” I got a fuckin problem. I know it doesn’t matter or whatever, profanity is just another facet of language with its own strengths and weaknesses, but I’ve gotten into the habit of avoiding it when writing, and I sort of like giving myself the extra challenge. “Can I get my strong feelings across without going profane?”

However, while I worked New York Comic Con this past weekend, my good friends Gavin Jasper and Chris Sims walked up to my booth and stood there for a moment where I could see them. I was distracted, so I just looked at Gavin, a fast up and down glance to see what he was wearing before saying hey, and then I did the same to Chris, and then time slowed down and I looked from Chris to Gavin and back again and realized I was seeing this:

chris x gav

And let me tell you what, I was struck completely speechless, and when I got my words back, the only words I could string together were “You’ve got to be FUCKING kidding me” 100% on instinct.

There’s a whole story behind this, about the return of Paul Heyman to the WWE, but honestly, I didn’t know that when it happened to me. It was just the funniest thing I’d seen in forever. These two guys totally made my con, as you can see in this picture taken by Kevin Church:

sims-brothers-gavok-by kevin church

Thanks, fellas. Gavin’s gonna write about this too, he wants to explain the wrasslin stuff, but I wanted to get my side of the story out there FIRST.

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4 comments to “NYCC Blue”

  1. Well, in wrestling lately, Paul Heyman has been a king-maker for wrestlers he manages. This is a pretty big compliment from both of them, as well as super insider-y.

  2. @Erik Graham: No, I know what the deal is. I just wanted Gavin to tell it, because this is about my reaction and his way will be funnier anyway.

  3. Ha you’re on a t-shirt now bro, sweet!

  4. I want one!