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monday mixtape futuristic from brothers on 8tracks Radio.

Eight songs here, which should play in random order. The list:

-Bone thugs-n-harmony – No Surrender – Creepin On Ah Come Up
-Method Man – Meth vs Chef – Tical
-Notorious BIG – The What – Ready To Die
-OC – Time’s Up – Word…Life
-OutKast – Funky Ride – Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik
-Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun – Superunknown
-TLC – Switch – Crazysexycool
-69 Boyz – Kitty, Kitty – Nineteen Ninety Quad

Y’all remember 1994? I barely do, personally. But, here’s a few joints I was feeling at the time, a mix of predictable choices and maybe a couple dark horses. (I got “Black Hole Sun” off Beavis & Butthead.)

I have a dumb Method Man story. When I was a kid, I didn’t know that songs got edited for radio and music video play. I mean, I knew there were songs with cuss words, and songs without cuss words. I just didn’t realize that there were also songs that had at one point had cuss words.

At the time, I was really into that “All I Need” video with Mary J Blige. It was creepy and weird and Mary J’s part was beautiful, so when I found out my uncle had the CD, I snuck into his room when he was at work (or maybe college?), turned the volume knob way down on his receiver, and loaded it up. I went straight to “All I Need,” ’cause that was the move.

AND WHOA. Is this the same guy? This guy is cussing all over the place. I listened to some other songs — more cuss words? Maybe it isn’t the same guy? So I put the CD back where I found it, confused.

A few days later, the music video came on while I was chilling with my uncle and I found it in me to ask about it. I don’t entirely remember the whole conversation, but I remember being pretty smooth about it. But I was probably ten years old, so I couldn’t have been that smooth. I was like, “Hey, is this the guy whose CD you have? The scary one?” and he said yeah. “But… he cusses?” Yep. “Oh.”

Their name sounds like a joke today, but it’s hard to overestimate how big Miami Bass was at the time, especially 69 Boyz. Nineteen Ninety Quad is the 1994 equivalent of like Rick Ross’s Teflon Don or Jay’s Blueprint Who Cares. It was all bangers, and every day on the way to school, we were singing either 69 Boyz, Tag Team, or them Bankhead Bounce dudes. Or making our own radio edits — “We don’t need no water, let the mother mother burn!”

TLC’s CrazySexyCool is one of the hardest albums ever. It’s cool if you disagree, but go back and re-listen to it. It’s super good. Despite a childhood ban on cussing, me and my cousin knew all of Bone’s “No Surrender” by heart. We wore that tape out. Liquid Swords, too.

-I liked Dylan Todd talking to Jim Rugg about Rugg’s new project Supermag. Rugg is one of the sharpest dudes in comics, in terms of both talent and knowledge, and it’s nice to see somebody interview him who can keep up.

-I liked this drawing Angie Wang did of a Billie Holliday lyric.

-I laughed at this story of goons getting scammed out of a bunch of money because they wanted to hook up with AKB48 girls, even though I understand that it is technically a bad thing. But it’s so funny. I have so many questions.

-I liked Sloane Leong talking about tips to avoid getting murdered by a slasher. Must-read. Take it to heart.

-I loved this Russell Westbrook photospread in ESPN the Magazine. Westbrook been knowing how to dress.

-Writing? I didn’t write ANYTHING this week.

-Psyche, I’ve been on tumblr, thinking out loud. Rick Ross dropped a line about rape in a song, backlash ensued, and eventually he apologized twice and Reebok dropped him from a sponsorship deal. It was a whole thing, I guess, but it sorta bugged me. I’ve spent some time trying to talk through it on tumblr, so follow the bouncing ball: here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and then it stopped because some dumb Apple apologist wanted to be a dick to me but didn’t realize I invented being a dick, and then ends with this, on Rawse & Context. Maybe you’ll dig it? I dunno, but I wrote it.

This weekend, I watched Place Beyond the Pines and Seven Psychopaths. Pines was really very good, sort of aimed directly at my heart (it’s about daddy issues and criminals). Psychopaths was still good the second time around, and it was nice to catch things I missed the first time. In hindsight, it’s not so much a crime movie as a Hollywood movie, which is interesting. I’d say more about Pines, but it’s totally worth going in cold. The most I knew about it was Liz Barker’s review, which you should also probably read, if you’re curious about what the movie feels like.

My dude Mahershala Ali is in there, too. I like that guy a lot, whenever and wherever he shows up. Eva Mendes, too.

I also started rewatching Chappelle’s Show, which is still absurdly funny. I think I’m well into season two at this point.

Open thread. What’re you reading/watching/hearing/enjoying?

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8 comments to “monday mixtape futuristic”

  1. Tomorrow is Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers for the 3DS. Yesterday, I was playing some Babel in Catherine to zone out. I finished Crimson Shroud last week, started the second playthrough, which is sorta “required,” but it’s on hold. Also finally digging into Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, which I had a little trouble doing the first time I tried, because the interface is a little sub-optimal, but it’s unsurprisingly a fun little game.

    Despite planning to host a rewatch this summer, I jumped the gun and have been mainlining Deadwood again lately. Couldn’t wait.

  2. Solonge’s True EP is worth checking out if you haven’t heard it.

    That, the new Cudi and new Ghostface album has been keeping me bust lately.

    Don’t know if you’re into Daft Punk, but they’re dropping a new album and a teaser clip with Pharrell just popped up and i’ve (and the rest of the internets) been going insane about it.

  3. Seven Psychopaths was a beautiful example of meta storytelling – it’s as much about the way we tell stories as it was about anything else, and I could go on further but I’d hate to spoil it for anybody who hasn’t seen it yet.

    Speaking of which, I just finished watching Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead. If you’ve never seen it, you really ought to.

  4. I read through the complete Akira for the first time. It’s remarkable how lean the storytelling feels for a work that’s hundreds of pages long — I had to remind myself to slow down and let things sink in at times. It’s probably because I raced through them so quickly, but I gotta confess that by the end all the “Kaneda!” and “Tetsuo!” yelling had me thinking of Stan Freberg’s “John & Marsha.”

    Also started Nile Rodgers autobiography, “Le Freak”. Really interesting in the early chapters, because he’s writing about heavy, heavy times in a real graceful and loving way.

    Listening to Chic along with that. Also the new My Bloody Valentine, and continuing an obsession with Renaissance/early baroque vocal music that’s been lasting for months.

  5. I think u are right that we should not blame the media for “jumping the gun”. After all CNN said they had three law enforcement sources that clearly blatantly lied to them, which really makes CNN the victims,

    Plus Saudi Arabia has been KNOWN for the behavior of producing terrorist. Past behavior counts. I think the media should have used more “weasel words” but an apology is out of the question. As Tom Spurgeon put it none of us should be patsies for the PR campaign of bad people like Saudia Arabia

  6. @Toll Toilet: :effort:

  7. I saw Troll Hunter, that Norwegian found footage mockumentary, and thought it was really good, despite its flaws. Especially in how it treated the supernatural as just an escalation of natural annoyances. Plus, any movie that James Stokoe likes enough to make a poster for is usually pretty great.

  8. @Ziah Grace: I keep meaning to check that out! Thanks for the reminder.

    @Prodigal: R&G is easily my favorite Tom Stoppard book/play/whatever. We even played questions at basketball practice in high school.

    @Patchworkearth: I really, really want to play another FFT. I think I’ve played the original out on PS1 and PSP at this point. I still have a GameBoy Micro somewhere — I should maybe find a used copy on Amazon or something.