Swerve of Trios

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I’m still working on my needlessly gigantic CHIKARA King of Trios article series, which should be going up later in the week. In the meantime, here’s something cute that I thought I’d share.

The presentation for this year’s King of Trios is based on WWF Wrestlefest, one of the greatest arcade games in arcade game history, which has recently been updated and ported to smartphones. I haven’t played the new version, but I hear that it’s ass.

Over the past few months, the official CHIKARA site has been announcing the 16 teams for September’s tournament. We have a team of old ECW guys, some nostalgic 80’s and 90’s WWF teams, some female wrestlers from Japan, the usual CHIKARA suspects, visitors from other feds, mishmashed teams of CHIKARA regulars who are forced together against their will and a group of guys who performed so terribly in 2009 and got jeered so hard that they’ve all banded together out of revenge against the fans.

On the site, each announced team would get a filename of “KOT12_#.jpg”. So the 13th team announced is “KOT12_13.jpg”. Obviously, there’s going to be somebody wanting to look forward by typing “KOT12_14.jpg” with hopes of seeing the next team to be revealed. Kind of like how people figured out the roster of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 long before they were meant to. Each time, the CHIKARA website has been messing with the fans trying to do this by putting in a fake team.

Unfortunately, I didn’t save all of them, but here’s a bunch.

I’d mark the hell out for Strong Bad team. You know Facial Hair Destroyers vs. Team Iron FIST would be the finals.

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6 comments to “Swerve of Trios”

  1. Shouldn’t this have a lot more tags?

    The ending to Botchamania 210 was inspired by these as well, as is likewise amazing.

    Wooo, can’t wait for the start of the KoT articles!

  2. @Schide: Eh, David wants me to cut back on the tags.

  3. You should really grab MUGEN and put your teams together in a game. That would be awesome.

  4. My bet is on the Facial Hair Destroyers Vs. the Muscle Busters as the finals, with the MBs barely edging out a win.
    Speaking of, aside from the beginning where it’s just a blatant Ultraman rip, Kinnikuman is a really great (and completely outlandish) wrestling series. You should give it a read sometime, Gavok. The entire first series was completely translated a couple of months back.

  5. @Gavok: Yes I suppose a post with about 50 tags would be a bit too much. 😀

    @Nooshy: Oh did they finally translate all of that? I read through it all until I caught up to the translations but then I stopped. That was in the middle of the false princes arc or whatever it was called a couple years ago. I’ll have to go and read the rest.

  6. I’m suddenly nostalgic for all those crossover vote-fics we used to have.