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April 23rd, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

If you ever get paint spilled all over you or you fall into a big pile of mud, all you need is a really strong person to pull you out of it in one go!

I’m off for a couple days. CHIKARA’s King of Trios starts today in Philly. When I do come back, after the usual This Week in Panels update, I’m going to be starting up a 5-part series relating to a great man who relates to a movie coming out this summer. And if you don’t come back to read about him… well, I pity you.

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8 comments to “What Comics Taught Me This Week”

  1. mister T was the fourth wise man.

  2. Yeah. I like the imagery, but the “reality” of physically yanking something to reverse a chemical process is way out there. Gargan or Brock have shown that they do not exist in their original forms when fully melded with the symbiote.

    It’s like punching a bolt of lightning or punching the walls of reality or… some other example from the DC universe.

  3. That book was really bad… :frown:

    While I enjoyed the nonsensical and humorous nature of Reed’s “Sinister Spider-man”, I always considered it out of continuity both because of how absurd the premise was and how it completely ignored how Mac Gargan was portrayed in Thunderbolts and Dark Avengers.

    Then comes Siege: Spider-man and Reed tries to make any sense of “Sinister Spider-man” with a Spider-man story featuring his pet character, Ms. Marvel. Yuk… :raise:

    Apart from removing Gargan from the symbiote that impossible way, the book has no resolution. Spidey and Ms. Marvel throw Venom into a flying Hammer vehicle and that’s it. I was expecting something deeper than that.

    I wish Marvel would decide what they will do to Venom anyway. Where’s the “Venom with meds gets sympathetic” plot going? Where went the old TBolt’s plot of “Gargan feeling guilty over what he does as Venom”? I wished they put CHristos Gage to write Venom; that T-Bolts one-shot he wrote about Gargan and Norman was pretty good.

  4. The first thing I thought of when I saw this was Kano’s skeleton rip fatality.


  6. ahh. Those were the days.

  7. My mind just sort of edited over the absurdity of that panel – it was just too Looney Tunes to even think about. Instead I focused on figuring out when Mac Gargan had lost his super-strength.

  8. @Master Mahan

    Yeah. Almost every writer sort of forgets that not only is Gargan stronger and more durable than Spider-man, but that the new Venom is actually even stronger than the original Venom.