This Week in Panels: Week 128

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Hey, everybody. Relatively small week here, but some good stuff. This week gave us the most excellent final page of Venom #13.4, which was so metal that it made me cry tears of blood. The second best page of the week is the image of Shade casually killing a boatload of vampire pirates while paying attention to the baby in his arms. Comics are pretty cool sometimes.

I was supposed to have a look back at the New 52 up and done with, but real life got in the way. I’ll save that for tomorrow. In the meantime, we got panels from myself, Was Taters and Space Jawa. Since I jumped the gun last week before Jawa could hand me his stuff, I’ve included last week’s Deadpool.

Deadpool #51
Daniel Way and Ale Garza

FF #15 (Taters’ pick)
Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

FF #15 (Gavin’s pick)
Jonathan Hickman and Nick Dragotta

Invincible #89
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Justice League #6
Geoff Johns, Jim Lee and Carlos D’Anda

Shade #5 (Taters’ pick)
James Robinson and Javier Pulido

Shade #5 (Gavin’s pick)
James Robinson and Javier Pulido

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello (Gavin’s pick)
Brian Lynch, Tom Waltz and Valerio Schiti

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Donatello (Space Jawa’s pick)
Brian Lynch, Tom Waltz and Valerio Schiti

Tiny Titans #49
Art Baltazar and Franco

Ultimate X-Men #8
Nick Spencer and Carlo Barberi

Ultimates #7
Jonathan Hickman and Esad Ribic

Unwritten #34.5
Mike Carey and Peter Gross

Venom #13.4
Rick Remender and Lan Medina

On a completely different note, a buddy of mine, Dr. Destructo, took a really troubling and rather sad article that got posted on Kotaku’s website and transferred it to audio. For some reason he decided that it would work better if he talked like Calypso from Twisted Metal 2. Sure, I guess.

Now go wash your hands. I’m sure you want to now.

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11 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 128”

  1. Wow, and I came this close to picking that same panel for the TMNT issue instead, too.

  2. Love the juxtaposition of those two Shade panels.

    I’ve had a lot of problems with the Justice League book, but one of the things I’ve liked about it is that they’ve given each character a big moment, and that was especially true in #6. I love that Aquaman panel, and the one where Wonder Woman takes out Darkseid’s other eye on the page before. Pretty badass.

  3. Man, I hope all these TMNT solo issues get collected, real sorry I missed them in singles now.

  4. Is Javy Pulido the artist for the whole series on “Shade”? If so, must get when it comes out in trade…It will, right?

  5. Why have I never heard of Tiny Titans?? I want it really bad! And Aquaman is still a wuss! :negativeman:

  6. Ha! Nice catch on Ultimate X-Men and TMNT. Practical panels.

  7. @haloHawk: Pulido is only doing one arc of the book I believe. Cully Hamner did the first arc, and Jill Thompson is drawing the May issue.

  8. Blackheart being badass warms my soul.

    Unfortunately (or perhaps, fortunately) for me, I see another comic in the future.

    Jennifer Walters
    Jessica Drew
    Johnny Blaze

    All new-er, all different-er Fantastic Four versus {insert name of formerly mid-tier villain here}. I’m calling it now…

  9. Anyone else reading Lynch’s Turtles one-shots? They’re really good.

  10. I tracked down that Kotaku article and . . . I get the debate over the creepy sexism, but am I expected to believe that the article was genuinely written in a “It’s Funny Because It’s True” way? And not in a “I’m pretending to be a really awkward person who thinks he’s a comedy writer” way?

    Because his blog seems pretty legitimate and is written like the article yet my mind still keeps rejecting the idea that this isn’t some sort of really esoteric satire that suckered everyone including the EIC.

    Then again, I wouldn’t know Kotaku from NYTimes.com so maybe this is . . . maybe this is funny to someone?

  11. I remember reading the Donatello one shot from the Mirage comics a while back. It seemed like a wacky breath of fresh air from the edgy world those comics portrayed, and Don has always been my favorite turtle, so it makes sense.