Harley’s corset was just the beginning.

September 14th, 2011 by |

This was Amanda Waller.

And this is Amanda Waller.

Because why have a reboot if you have to draw even one female character heavyset, over forty, plain, or with her shirt completely buttoned up.

Seriously, though, a gorgeous supermodel with huge boobs that she is prominently displaying!  What fantastic character innovation this is!  What a change from other female characters in the DC universe!

I guess there’s a chance that this could be an impostor.

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37 comments to “Harley’s corset was just the beginning.”

  1. “Time has not been kind to you-itlan!”

  2. Or we could see the origin of her full-figure! Running a black-ops squad of mostly unpredicable psychos must be really stressful, which would cause anyone’s eating habits to turn bad. *shrug*

    Seriously, though, I flipped through the issue, and considering the initial showing and Glass’s particularly awful Legion of Doom series, this doesn’t look that bad in comparison–and the idea for next issue sounds like some twisted fun comics.

  3. Wait until you see the new Etta Candy, probably modelled off Kate Moss.

  4. Ew.

  5. Forget about that shit. Where’s Floyd’s ‘stache?!

    :argh: :negativeman: :argh:

  6. Maybe they took the Angela Bassett portrayal to heart.

  7. As annoying as this is, isn’t it standard procedure to change a character’s appearance to match the actor that played them in a recent movie? Not an excuse, but helps to understand. What issue is this?

  8. Ugh, that’s terrible. I hear that some of the DC New 52 isn’t half bad (I’m tempted to check out Animal Man), but shit like this is pretty heinous.

  9. No, no, don’t you see? DC is committed to strong female characters! Now EVERYONE can enjoy Amanda Waller as a character, even shallow people! This is DC broadening their horizons and introducing great characters to people who may not have given her a chance before hand! And all these exclamations I’m using is to show how EXCITED I am about that and TOTALLY not intended as sarcasm AT ALL! :smug:

  10. @Pelli: That was my first thought as well, even though Waller looks exactly like Cat Grant from Geoff Johns’ run on Action Comics too. Anyway I’m really disappointed that DC decided to redesign Waller this way. I loved that she was a big tough black woman.

  11. 35% of America is obese, so why aren’t there more obese comic book characters? Obese people should be represented as equally as any other minority. Getting rid of a fat character is BIGotry.

    We need characters to go through arcs where they deal with the dangers of being overweight. It would be compelling as hell to see someone like Wonder Woman start to worry about her waistline. If she’s bloated, will her bracelets still fit? Did Amanda Waller have gastric bypass surgery? Is Soder Cola still being sweetened with corn syrup? These are the things I’d like to see explored in the new DCU.

  12. maybe the rest of the book is better, but that amanda waller artwork is terrible.

  13. […] Deadshot, with his goofy orange suit and one eye helmet type thing, completely alone. Worse still, they did this to Amanda Waller. The sad thing is that the story in the issue isn’t bad, but I hate the […]

  14. I blame Valerie Bertinelli.

    I’ve always hated Waller but I always liked her distinctiveness. At least part of that is gone, now, so I’ll miss it… Assuming I will be reading whatever series this is from.

  15. I didn’t pick up on what exactly was so bad about Flashpoint Legion of Doom (although I suppose I was blinded by how TOTALLY HARDCORE Plastic Man was), but man, this was pretty terrible through and through. I wonder if Savant was supposed to be related in any way to the Birds of Prey character…

  16. For me the most iconic version of Waller is probably from the JLU cartoons (etc) so I am surprised they didn’t keep that portrayal. Other than that, I don’t really care. I think most comics artists just prefer to draw sexy women anyway.

  17. Being fat its not a good thing, guys. If Waller was able to put off the weight after so many years, we should be applauding this, not being angry about change. She’s still the same badass Amanda Waller, torturing her teammates just as test to get them ready to kill 60,000 people, but now she’s been to weightwatchers.

    And this is bad?

  18. Ugh, Puke. God forbid you have a woman in a comic book that deviates from the accepted physical standards. Have they fixed Ma Kent yet? Maybe that old biddy can get a chin tuck and her boobs done.

    “Being fat its not a good thing, guys. If Waller was able to put off the weight after so many years, we should be applauding this, not being angry about change.”

    I hope that poor Mr. Constantine isn’t still smoking. And all those Chocos can’t be good for the Martian Manhunter’s blood sugar. And Lasagna is a terrible thing for a cat to eat, Jon Arbuckle, you should take better care of your pet.

    The fictional health of cartoon characters is a thing I totally give a shit about and you should too.

  19. Can’t wait for the epic posedown between Harvey Bullock and the Penguin.

  20. @Jeremy: kinda bad that no women are allowed to be in comics unless they’re supermodel-hot wank fodder, yeah.

  21. Why is Selina Kyle running the Suicide Squad?

  22. Or maybe you could just enjoy her character and not really care what she looks like?

  23. @super nintendo chalmers: Yep. Clearly this is my superficiality at work. The fact that every DC female player, with the exception of Granny Goodness, is a svelte model-perfect woman displaying her boobs and butt must be a roll of the dice, a fun coincidence, and it’s my looks obsession that’s ruining the book for me.

    Now let’s look at the art. I can think of no better way to introduce a powerful character, who has just put 22 convicts through hell in order to amass a team good enough to massacre 6,000 people, than with a direct look right down her shirt. That really captures her steely resolve, doesn’t it? It displays her determination, and goes well with the gravity of the situation. What masterful framing! What a wonderfully appropriate use of imagery, which is so important to a graphic novel.

    There’s always at least one comment mired in desperate, self-righteous disingenuousness. Congratulations. You’re it.

  24. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Whoa, whoa, WHOA!

    Let’s not be hasty here. We don’t know for sure whether or not Granny Goodness is Megan Fox in a white wig yet.

  25. @Gavok: Well, I’m just pouty because the new Jim Gordon isn’t modeled on that guy who played Jacob in Twilight. And because Jimmy Olsen isn’t modeled on Justin Bieber and Alfred isn’t Jason Statham.

  26. I’m not as pissed as some of you, but the truth is I’m not expecting this detail to stick for very long. It is pretty dumb, though. Like, really, really, super dumb.

  27. Everything old (90s) is new again. Sigh.

  28. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: jesus christ

  29. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: to clarify I’m not arguing the decision is really dumb but for people to sperg out about this so much is really confusing. comic fans, everybody. :negativeman:

  30. @super nintendo chalmers: why are u so mad that they are so mad

  31. she was kickass as a big girl… made her stand out as unique. No offense to Bassett, but big is beautiful too. Also, her ‘normalcy’ added to her persona. Hopefully, down the road she will return to her full big girl beauty again.

  32. @david brothers: There’s nothing like posting three times to show us how much he doesn’t care.

  33. Whoa. I hope they fix this.

    It’s not that she’s no longer overweight. It’s that she looks nothing like someone who’s earned the nickname of “The Wall.” She’s supposed to be a tough-as-nails working mom with a long history of working in corrections, wrangling the world’s most dangerous criminals. She scares the crap out of both villains and heroes.

    In a word, she’s hard. This person doesn’t look like The Wall. She looks like someone The Wall would bust on till she cries, then order to go pick up her drycleaning.

  34. If only there were more female characters in comics who had tiny waists and huge cans. THAT would be some progress!

  35. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: i never said i didn’t care, and i don’t get how i said i was mad about people being mad about it. i said i didn’t understand this huge backlash about it. i agreed it’s a pretty stupid Thing, but really, why is it such a big deal?

    maybe it’s cause i never read suicide squad and never plan to, but if they redesigned a character i knew, i still doubt i would have as much vitriol as people seem to have about this Black Lady Who Is Now Thin

  36. *bakes a cake and passes around slices*

  37. The godawful costume redesign for Harley was strike one. Changing King Shark into a hammerhead was strike two. And turning the Wall into the Supermodel is strike three. Not even planning on reading this book in the store now.