Feeling Good, Feeling Great, How Are You?

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I spent this weekend at Wondercon, and more specifically, I spent Saturday night hand-selling Frank Quitely’s original art to attendees at Isotope’s smashing Saturday party. I was in the room from around 2100-0330, talking to people about the art, pointing out his insane perspectives, astonishing blue line work, and pencils. I never got bored, only repeated myself a few times (I really liked his blue line work, shut up) and generally had a lot of fun putting on an impromptu art school. (Which will pay off here on this blog once I get a chance to sit down with my favorite X-Men story ever, believe you me.)

So I’m high on comics right now. You know how it goes. Here’s two recent things in comics that I liked and just sorta want to present to you so that you can like it, too. There’s also one thing which is a total downer but beautiful and amazing and the saddest thing ever. Figure out which is which! I was going to do these with no commentary, but blah blah whatever. I’ll keep it brief.

Mike Mignola, Hellboy – The Wolves of Saint August
collected in Hellboy, Vol. 3: The Chained Coffin and Others

It’s “He made me this,” it’s Kate physically trying to hold back a sob, and it’s Kate’s slump. It’s Mignola, man. Precious few can touch him.

Frank Quitely’s CBLDF print

She’s brown. Do you see that? And she’s cute, and her necklaces are neat.

From Stan Sakai’s Usagi Yojimbo 136,
in honor of the Dark Horse’s 25th anniversary.

I love Usagi, and I love this image. I mean, dang, look at it already.

Bonus round: X-Men To Serve and Protect, which was otherwise completely forgettable (or, no, strike that–the Immonen Gambit/Hellcat jawn was pretty good) comes this treat from Jed McKay and Sheldon Vella:

Two things:
1. “DEATH! SQUAD!” is ill
2. “White chicks, am I right?” Colleen is so down. She’s great.

Good time to be a comics fan, I think.

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10 comments to “Feeling Good, Feeling Great, How Are You?”

  1. I remember reading, I guess in the commentary in the trade, that the girl with the wolf’s head was the only part of that story Mignola really liked since that was one of the first stories he both scripted and drew himself.

    And revisiting that makes me excited for the future of Hellboy, since Mignola seems to be heading toward him reuniting with the BPRD. I love the current direction of both Hellboy and BPRD, but I do kind of miss the days when Kate, Abe, Liz, et al. participated in his ongoing adventures.

  2. Oh crap, now I gotta buy an X-Men book. That story looks like the best thing ever.

  3. Mental Organism Designed Only for Roller Derby?

    I must own this book RIGHT NOW.

  4. That is the least-lumpiest (and non-coincidentally, the prettiest) fact I’ve ever seen Quitely draw. Why can’t he do them all like that?

  5. Author writes “She’s brown. Do you see that? And she’s cute, and her necklaces are neat.”

    And she can draw! Shwing!!

    Awesome work!

    Is she a character from a comic?

  6. That issue of To Serve & Protect is the only comic I’ve bought in months. Vella’s art was just too great to pass up.


    I don’t think that girl’s all that far from Quitely’s Lois Lane from All-Star, as far as non-lumpy attractiveness goes.

  7. @David, is it a good or bad thing that I looked at the Quietly drawing and thought, “Damn she’s hot and that’s a good drawing!” and only when I looked at your caption did I notice her skin color?

    Also “The Wolves of St. August” is one of my favorite Hellboy stories. I also look forward to his storyline re-converging with B.P.R.D.. Two of my all-time favorite comics, have been since I started reading comics pretty much.

  8. I’ve just bought Grant and Frank’s WE3 and Earth 2 books this weekend. I dig Quitely.

  9. Ha, didn’t expect to see my name when reading 4thletter!, cool. Glad you liked it!

  10. Those last 3 pages are probably the best 3 pages of any comic I’ve read in…at least a year. Honest Injun. MODOK has to be the most under-used character in all of the MCU. My god, I love it.

    @David Yeah, man, you were pushin’ those Quitely pages all night. You weren’t budging from your little corner nook up there.