Fourcast! 81: This Week In Comics

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-That weird noise is the dishwasher I somehow forgot was on while recording.
-It ends fairly quickly, though, so suck it up.
-We bought comics!
-Esther bought Tiny Titans 38 (Franco/Baltazar).
-How crazy is it that Tiny Titans has been around for three years? Time flies.
-I bought Uncanny X-Force (Remender/Albuquerque), Hulk (Parker/Hardman), Thunderbolts (Parker/Walker), and Batman, Inc (Morrison/Paquette).
-I also got Ruse (Waid/Pierfederici) and Sigil (Carey/Kirk) for free.99.
-I like Batman Inc, but I don’t like like it any more.
-Somehow we talk about seven comics for forty-five minutes.
-You know how it goes.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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7 comments to “Fourcast! 81: This Week In Comics”

  1. Atomic Skull is DC. Though Firestorm’s head is on fire I guess. Maybe its his cow sidekick? And I think they added the On Fire guy from Teen Titans Go to regular comics…

  2. The Face died ON-panel. Killed by a deathtrap right outside the Titans Tower door when they kicked him out for asking Miss Martian to turn into a giant vagina so he could eat her out.

    The Face, everyone!

  3. Hey man, Sorry for commenting off topic but I’m looking to pick up some subscriptions and wanted some advice.

    Batman seems to appeal to me, and I am apparently the only person alive who enjoys Damian wayne, so I was gonna pick up batman and robin. Plus I’ve read some back issues of it so I could come up to speed quicker I think.

    Along with B&R I was going to pick up detective comics. Any advice on that choice?

    Of course I could head down to my not-so-local comic shop and pick up the latest issue of each as a trial, but sometimes one issue doesn’t get you into the story enough to tell. Any other suggestions, batman or otherwise, are definitely appreciated.

  4. Come on dude, The Face wasn’t part of the post-52 Cannon Fodder, he was part of the post-Terror Titans Cannon Fodder.

    His power was apparently to shoot blasts out of his eyes/mouth/nose. His other power was to make lewd advances on all of the Lady Titans, including propositioning Miss Martian to turn into a giant vagina so that he could go down on her.

    Never Forget The Face!

  5. I can get trade-waiting for Batman Inc. It’s not like it’s in danger of cancellation.

    @zypher: With B&R, if you want to start reading the current Tomasi/Gleason run, you only need to read the last two issues which were the beginning of the current story arc, and also the beginning of the run, it just started. Detective Comics with Scott Snyder and Jock is really good, that started in issue 871, which was only about four issues ago if you want to start from the beginning, otherwise I think the new arc starts this Wednesday.

    Are you reading Batman Incorporated? Currently my favorite Bat-book and a continuation of Morrison’s Batman, which includes B&R 1-16.

  6. @Munkiman Thanks dude, I’ll take that advice and run with it.

  7. I missed this episode and am only listening to it now, but–GHOST RIDER COW! I clearly need to catch up with Tiny Titans. XD