Avengers Prime: Mark Waid Edition

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Last Wednesday brought us the end of Avengers Prime by Brian Michael Bendis and Alan Davis, which really should have been called Avengers: Ah, I Can’t Stay Mad at You. Steve Rogers, Iron Man and Thor accidentally get sucked into one of Thor’s locales. There, they all have their separate moments of being badass, deal with Enchantress and Hela and a subplot involves Rogers hooking up with a blue elf lady. That might be a little scummy, since that means he’s cheating on Sharon, but I’m pretty sure the “what happens in Vegas” rule applies to most of the nine realms. The point of the miniseries is to put the three guys in a situation that reminds them that they’re buddies and thick as thieves.

But still, the ending rang pretty familiar to me…

Odin’s will be done.

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8 comments to “Avengers Prime: Mark Waid Edition”


    (Though, now I wish Alan Davis drew one of the Avengers making a scowl when the hug happens…)

  2. I lost it at Cage’s line.

  3. Hoo, good one.
    Yeah, Alan Davis is a great artist, no doubt, but it always did bug me how he draws people with the dopiest damn expressions on their faces.

  4. Ha! Great.

  5. Gavok, you deserve some kind of hat for this. Some kinda bitchin’ hat, man. That was awesome.

  6. Oh my gosh this is amaaaaaaaaaazing.

  7. This was great. Cage’s “The hell?” made it genius. 🙂

  8. You had me snorting potato chips out my nose. XD