The Superhero Chanukah Song

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Chanukah or Hanukkah or however you spell it is upon us and I’ve noticed that in contrast to David Brothers’ status as a blogger who talks up the use of black people in comics, I’ve done absolutely nothing in regards to my own heritage. I’m actually half-Jewish, although I don’t know the first thing about the religion itself. I was raised Lutheran, which has surprisingly little to do with worshiping Lex Luthor. Still, I feel the need to give the Jewish people some love.

Unfortunately, it ends up being the same kind of love that Ike Turner gave Tina. See, there aren’t many Chanukah songs out there. There are even less songs out there about comic book characters who celebrate the holiday. Upon discovering a crappy karaoke rendition of the Adam Sandler classic, I decided that something had to be done.

Sorry to say, my singing skills are about equal to Rob Liefeld’s feet-drawing skills. I don’t know what the hell is going on at the end of that second chorus.

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8 comments to “The Superhero Chanukah Song”

  1. Love it. Well done.

  2. 100+ points for that!

    The whole time I was listening, I was anticipating the “not a jew, but guess who is” bit. You absolutely nailed it.

    One question, though. Venom is Jewish? :raise:

  3. @The Mutt: Probably not. Though you never know, its real name might be Symbowitz.

  4. What about Magneto? You got his kids, but I didn’t notice a mention of where they got their halves from…

  5. Excellent work. A new standard, right up there with “A Patrick Swayze Christmas.”

  6. I was thinking that the line about worshipping Lex Luthor was going to be the best quote I came across today, and then you topped it with the inbreeding joke about Pietro and Wanda. Nicely done, sir!

  7. Ha. I was raised Lutheran too. But that didn’t stick because Lutherans are kind of nuts.

    Although if had been ample amounts of Lex Luthor worship things might have turned out differently.

  8. Was watching Boomerang the other morning and to my surprise I saw that they actually made a Chanukah episode of Krypto “The Superdog.”

    Believe it or not you can actually add Streaky the Supercat to your list of Jewish heroes.