New Avengers Finale raised a lot of questions…

May 25th, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

words by brian bendis, art by brian hitch or maybe stuart immonen, the credits aren’t clear

The biggest being what is going on with that baby. That kid is like five years old.

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17 comments to “New Avengers Finale raised a lot of questions…”

  1. looks about the same size as my three year old. Of course he can eat a whole slice of pizza by himself and hasn’t had a bottle in over 2 years, lol.

  2. Well, she IS the daughter of a pair of superheroes. Maybe she’s mutated. Or a Skrull.

    (And I think that’s Hitch unless Immonen is biting his style for some pages.)

  3. HA! I’m still wondering why every time I see that kid, her eyes are a different colour.

  4. Power Baby hungry!

  5. When you consider other “mommy” issues(*) the Avengers have had, bottle feeding a (more than likely mutant) baby/kid the size of a 5-year old isn’t that bad.

    (*) Well, let’s start with the Scarlet Witch impregnating herself with “shards” of the soul of Mephisto (Mephisto has a soul?!?!?), then losing the kids, going crazy, then having her memory erased (only to go crazy later). Then there’s Carol Danvers being kidnapped and raped by Immortus’s son Marcus, being taken into Limbo, only to give birth to… the very same Marcus that kidnaps and rapes her… (feel free to *shudder* now). Finally, you have Mantis being declared the “Celestial Madonna” who will give birth to the Celestial Messiah, the “most important being in the universe” (no pressure, there, Mantis). After Kang tries to kidnap and rape her (I sense a pattern here…), she marries (and presumably has sex with) a plant-alien who takes the form of the Swordsman (who died, but hey, as long as the plant double isn’t an allegory for the communist takeover of America, it’s OK), and is now with child. After having her story told across four different comics companies, she has a boy named Sequoia (what else do you name a half human/half plant god-like being). Oh, and she sends him into space when he hits puberty. Because all quasi-omnipotent teenagers are ready to save the universe…

    So, yeah, bottle feeding a 5 year old doesn’t seem so bad anymore.

  6. bahahahahaha good laugh

    *thinks* Skrulls?

  7. Don’t all of these dudes have kids?

  8. And don’t forget that the kid only has four fingers on each hand.

  9. The baby’s the new Black Goliath.

  10. I’ve had more personal issues with the state of art in comic books than the stories since the 90s. Technically proficient though ultimately graceless, confusing and questionable art did more to ruin an arc than anything else.

  11. Did you read the final issue for “The Initiative”? Did you see The Hood’s kid? I mean the 1/2 Skrull, 1/2 Cat Person baby looked more normal than that…

  12. it could just be big for it’s age.

    but why is that bed four feet long?

  13. Mr. T: It’s a crack baby…fool! An’ the worst part…is that this baby’s all MESSED UP!


  14. @EndlessMike:

    Stuart Immonen previously filled in for Bryan Hitch for one of the last issues of the Millar/Hitch run on the Fantastic Four. I was impressed with what a remarkable job he did in aping Hitch’s style. The characters did have a little more fluidity than Hitch usually brings, but until I checked the credits, I thought it was Hitch. That being said, I do think this is Hitch, instead of Immonen.

  15. Girls in comics age much faster than boys because the sooner they get older, the sooner artists can start drawing large-breasted chicks in something skintight – hey, kids are really hard to draw!
    Artificial aging also seems to happen to young girls a lot in comic books, too – I think I last saw it in Flash when a two-year-old became a buxom teen in one story, and Mary Marvel has had that whole ‘mind of a child, body of a woman’ thing going on for like forever.

  16. @seth hurley: Well, I guess it’s either a daybed or a department store bedclothes sample bed.

  17. Whatever happened to that subplot about Cage’s baby being a Skrull anyways? Was it shown if she ever was a real baby?