Fourcast! 46: Next Year’s Fourcast

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-The Fourcast is one year old this week!
-(We took a six week break last year when my work schedule got crazy and I officially stopped sleeping.)
-We talk about things we liked last year: Wednesday Comics, Amazing Spider-Man, and Gastrophobia
-We have a wish list for the next year, too!
-More ongoing series of graphic novels
-Happy Fun Comics
-Esther’s love of Frank Miller
-More Crime and War Comics
-David’s complete inability to add properly
Absolute Flex Mentallo
Wednesdayer Comics
-Dead Heroes
-No wait, No Dead Heroes
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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5 comments to “Fourcast! 46: Next Year’s Fourcast”

  1. I think if someone’s going to kill off an established character then there should at least be the trade-off of getting a good story out of it.

    Gotta say, I’m another person who enjoys the way that Frank Miller’s Batman stories tend to have a Batman who loves being Batman. I know that Dark Knight Returns is known for bringing a lot of grimness to the character, but I thought Bruce Wayne had a lot of warmth to his character there too, which really made me feel some affection for him. Especially in scenes like where he talks about how perfect Carrie is, or thinking quite nostalgically about past adventures with Dick(“my little monkey-wrench”).

  2. David: Are you aware of Vertigo’s current line of Crime OGN’s, called Vertigo Crime?

  3. @Michael Mastropietro: Yeah, sorry, I thought I mentioned them on the podcast. I’ve read several, but they’ve been strictly mediocre thus far. I haven’t read the Peter Milligan book, yet, but maybe that’s the first one I’ll enjoy.

  4. Congrats on a year of Fourcast-ing, guys! Yours is pretty much the only podcast I remember to listen to regularly, and I seem to have fallen into the routine of listening to it while I fold laundry and stuff. Fourcast: helping me get housework done since 2009!

    Seriously though, it’s good listening. Keep it up! =)

    (Oh, and I also thought “Bette” was pronounced like “Bet” instead of “Betty”…)

  5. As boring as his take on the character got, Bendis wrote one of the best scenes in modern comics where Daredevil was on the verge of losing it and Luke Cage told him he needed to go out and kick the shit out of some drug dealers to feel better. Thats really what superheroes would be like if they enjoyed what they did.