She’s A Hellcat, Baby

July 10th, 2008 by | Tags: , , , , , ,

Hellcat is the best comic you didn’t get last week. Kathryn Immonen and David LaFuente a comic that’s best described as “delightful,” and Stuart Immonen’s cover is pretty awesome, too. Here’s a bit from the comic to convince you to rectify your sin and go back and get the book. Brian Hibbs reviewed it, too.

Go buy it.

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3 comments to “She’s A Hellcat, Baby”

  1. But I did get it last week! I wouldn’t even have known what it was, but for another positive review. But it’s awesome. It’s summer and I’m not so much in the mood for all the dark colours and spurting blood in my Marvel titles, so this was a rocking change of pace.

  2. Hmm, not completely convinced by the preview above, and the Marvel Comics Presents stories didn’t hook me either despite Stuart chipping in…but I’ll give it a shot. At least she’s a redhead.

  3. Had it added to my pull list way back when I first heard about it. And hopefully, when (and it better be when not if) this mini gets collected it will have the Hellcat story from Marvel Comics Present by both Immonens. Which was cute and awesome but no way I was going to buy several issues of MCP just for a couple GOOD pages…