I Just Stick Out My Chin, And Grin, and Say

March 30th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

I realize that I am staking a lot of my happiness on the Return of Bruce Wayne series, but I just can’t seem to care.  Here are some scans from the first issue, via the DCU Source.

It would almost be worth it to be a cave person, even one of those pervy Clan of the Cave Bear cave people, if you got to see Batman take his utility belt to the stone age. 

And?  And?

Do you see that?  See it?

It was self-defense!  Or maybe the giant bat defended him and was killed by the dogs and he wears the bat to honor its spirit.  Whatever.  The point is, it wasn’t killed for a fashion accessory.

What do you have to say to that, Paul?

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10 comments to “I Just Stick Out My Chin, And Grin, and Say”

  1. Still doesn’t explain the Bat-neck-clasp-thingy.

  2. @Onion: He might have just tamed a cave bat and trained it to act as a clasp. ANYTHING is possible!

  3. Bat-clasp as primitive Bat-a-rang- unhook and it throws itself!

  4. Ok, so best case scenario is Batman gutted a rare, possibly one-of-a-kind prehistoric gigantibat who had just died defending him, just so he could get a sweet hat?

    Who cares? Sweet hat is sweet.

  5. Although, the one thing that really bothers me about his sweet bat-hat is the eyes. Since the hat still clearly has bat eyes, (and I’m assuming Bruce doesn’t carry round Bat-Giant Glass Bat Eyes for Emergency Taxidermy in his utility belt*) then they’re going to get pretty gooey pretty fast.

    *although if he does, well played Mr Wayne.

  6. He’s clearly using his giant bat cape/cowl as a scarecrow to ward off roving bands of dogs while he sleeps. Except that he’s tied up next to some huts… Theory dashed!

  7. @Paul Wilson: Pebbles. Obvious.

  8. I’ve always liked Sprouse

  9. I don’t care exactly how it goes from gigantobat to being a cape and cowl. It looks freaking awesome.

  10. is this a david carradine comic?