Billionaire Playboy Who?

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The things you learn when you mess around with the subtitles on your Batman: The Animated Series DVDs.

Although in Spanish, Batman is still called Batman, Bruce Wayne’s name has changed to Bruno Díaz.

I’m guessing this is an across-the-board name change, and not just a blip for the animated series.  Does anyone know why it was necessary?  Does ‘Bruce Wayne’ mean ‘Your mother’s a whore,’ in Spanish?

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8 comments to “Billionaire Playboy Who?”

  1. Bruce Wayne isn’t much of a Spanish name, mainly, and Bruno is enough of a sound-alike that it fits the character. Robin is Ricardo Tapia.

    I got curious and looked up Batgirl’s name. She’s Batichica (I don’t know why it’s Bati instead of Bat) and Bàrbara Fierro. Also? Tìa Harriet Cooper.

    I used to have a list of spanish names for superheroes somewhere. Wolverine is El Lobo, I think, which is just Wolf. Spawn’s main villain, Violator, is translated as Violador in spanish, which just means “rapist.” Awk-ward.

  2. I guess it’s kind of like anime series that get released in the US and all the characters are given more familiar-sounding names.

    My favorite, though, was an article about adapting The Simpsons for an Arabic audience, where they came up with the name Omar Shamshoon.

  3. :O

    I had no idea. That’s fascinating.

  4. I think its mainly just to appeal to the spanish audience a little more

  5. Did they change his name for the Batmanga?

  6. “Bruce Wayne” is “Bruno Diaz” in Mexico. In Spain, “Bruce Wayne” is “Bruce Wayne”. Saludos.

  7. @DIOS: Huh. Interesting. Thank you.

  8. David Brothers is correct in that Bruce Wayne would be a tricky pronunciation in Espanol (amounting to something like Brooseh Wai-neh).

    By the by, Catwoman? “Gatubela”