The 70’s Spider-Man Song That Will Be Stuck in Your Head for Days!

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The other day my old Ultimate Edit writing buddy ManiacClown sent me these old superhero radio drama albums from decades ago, including a Justice League record from the 60’s where during roll call they break into a Rat Pack musical number.

One of the albums is from the 70’s, starring Spider-Man in what they call a “Rockomic”. It’s a story involving Peter Parker being blackmailed by the Kingpin into trying to kill Spider-Man, with Spider-Man talking like Jon Lovitz as Master Thespian. It also starts off with a completely trippy nightmare sequence that sounds like Peter’s having a bad acid trip. In-between the acts of the story they would toss in some musical tracks that are without a doubt from the 1970’s. Most of them are awful, but the main theme is a special kind of awful that keeps drawing me back in for repeated listens.

And now, little man, I give the watch to you…

[MEDIA not found]

He’s no one woman’s sex machine, you know. The Devil saw to that.

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3 comments to “The 70’s Spider-Man Song That Will Be Stuck in Your Head for Days!”

  1. Nothing says confidence in your hero like the line “How does he ever win?”

    I remember being a kid back in the 70’s and having a couple of comics-for-kids that came with records (vinyl, back when we didn’t actually call it “vinyl” because that’s all we had back then, goddamn kids get offa my lawn) as a kind of “read-along” thing. The only snatch of audio that’s stayed with me other than the “bing!” signal to turn the page is

    “Batman! It’s a body!”
    “Yes, Robin. A dead one.”

    Apparently they figured kids, even ones learning to read (I could already read, I just thought it was super-awesome to have my comics talk to me), could handle death back in the 70’s.

  2. oh god this song XD

    anyways Gav/MC did you guys hate Ult. X enough to consider another Edit or did you simply find it so average it’s adequate like I did?

    at least we can be sure New Ultimates is going to be more of the same

  3. I just know I won’t be able to rest until I have this on my iPod.