Ultimate Edit Week: Day Seven

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In yesterday’s installment, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch shared a tender moment until a bullet came out of nowhere and mortally wounded Scarlet Witch. How awkward. Let’s finish off Ultimates 3 #1 with the latter half of this heartbreaking scene.

I was going to make note of it in the image itself, but on the last page, isn’t that the dude from Naruto? You know, the ninja guy in blue who always looks like he’s stoned? He’s standing next to the woman with the umbrella telling him, “See? I told you Wanda Maximoff didn’t wear panties.”

And that’s the end of that. Thanks again to my collaborator ManiacClown, who will be doing prop comedy at the Laugh Hall in Trenton all this week. Maybe we’ll be back for another go in a month.

Thanks for reading, folks.

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11 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week: Day Seven”

  1. So, wait. Does the last panel mean Pietro and Wanda are orphans? Or that the crowd of gawkers are orphans? Or is it a shout out for the White Wolf book about Hollow Ones, Ronin and Caitiff? Because that was a great source book…

  2. Holy crap, the orphans gag killed me. Great throwback to Identity Crisis.

  3. I dunno man, that’s just the back of some dude’s head. He admittedly has spiky gray hair for no reason, but it could be JOE! just rolls like that.

  4. Mail this to Loeb and show him how true writers truly write.

  5. I really hope that in issue 2 Magneto shows up and gets edited to pages of “MY DAUGHTER IS DEAD DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW PAINFUL IT IS TO LOSE A CHILD”

    Magneto: WAAAAH

    Thor: Yea verily. *bangs Valkyrie some more*

    It writes itself.

  6. …Vokkers, I hearts ya. Do Countdown next!

  7. In the hands of a more capable writer, I think Magneto’s reaction would be more along the lines of, “I see fate has cheated me yet again. The one child I could be proud of is dead, and you still live, Pietro. Will you ever fail to compound my disappointment in you?” Only, you know, good.

  8. “That’s right, I did it. I ain’t taking care of no flipper babies, unless they’re mutant flipper babies. Which I guess would’ve been the case here, but still. C’mon.”

  9. “You’ve failed me for the last time, Starscream!”

  10. I’m pretty sure Loeb already wrote that choke babies now. Also I think you talking about Kakashi

  11. I lost it at the Batman reference there in the last panel. These are hysterical.