Fourcast! 31: Who’s Who in the 4thletter! Universe

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-Gavin provides a quickie bio for who he is and how he came to be. But… who ate his Rice Krispie Treats?
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music
-Oh. It was Esther. This probably means war.
-Do you know what sounds interesting? Listening to David and Esther page through a full run of Who’s Who in the DC Universe!
-Thrill! to the sound of pages being turned!
-Listen! to the audible disbelief and scorn!
-Wonder! about the background music that wafted over from my neighbor’s apartment while we were recording!
-Discover! our misplaced disdain for the past as we make fun of Yellow Peri for being a crappy version of “yellow peril!” Turns out she’s based on peris, fallen angels from Persian mythology. Sorry, dudes from the past who created Yellow Peri! She’s still basically a crappy version of I Dream of Jeanie!
-Ponder! why we make sitcom/TGIF jokes on every show.
-Accept! our apologies for accidentally biting MGK’s gimmick!
-Click! these links for some visual aides:

-Peace! We’ll be more coherent next week.

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8 comments to “Fourcast! 31: Who’s Who in the 4thletter! Universe”

  1. re: the Secret Six (the original series)

    I think of it more as sort of the original version of the reality tv series “The Mole”

  2. A hareem on Slag? I dunno if you use it in the states, but slag is the same as slut in brittish slang.

  3. I’m convinced that the Omega Men are just supposed to be the crew from Babel-17 with all the weird Delaney stuff taken out.

  4. I heard that “slag”‘s less wholesome meanings led to a Transformer being renamed in the Transformers Animated series they had a while back, so I guess it’s acknowledged abroad. That was only more recently though, and the name was considered acceptable for the character back in the eighties.

    There’s a rather nerdish part of me that’s always been fascinated by characters’ profiles, especially when it comes to stats. It’s not something I’m a stickler for, I don’t get annoyed by things like Black Canary and Huntress being drawn the same height when there should be half a foot between them, it’s just something that sticks in my memory for some odd reason.

    The Power ratings are something I still like to see every now and then. Speaking of which, you mentioned David that they weren’t on Marvel’s site but they seem to be here. http://marvel.com/universe/Spider-man

    Despite seeing those things for years, I’ve only once seen a key that actually explains what the numbers mean. I don’t quite remember how it goes, but the strength stat breaks down something like 1 means incapable of lifting their own body weight, 2 is being able to lift your weight 3 is double it then they start getting into various superhuman strength classes.

  5. I love images of those Profile pages. Please put more up

  6. Why, hello, Gavok *wink*

    Keep those Who’s Who editions coming, if you can. They’re really fun!
    As for Fire Lad, he’s supposed to look a little silly, he’s from the Legion of Substitute Heroes, for crying out loud!

    I own a DC Encyclopedia, which is sort of a compiled Who’s Who. Even though it’s a new edition (2006), it’s already long behind on the current events. It’s hardly the best reference material, but you can do a few fun things whith it. The look on my non-comic geek brother’s face when I read him out loud a few of the entries – say, Capitain Boomerang or B’wana Beast – is priceless.

  7. The whole liberal guilt shock The Yellow Peril thing could have been avoided if they just named her the Blue Peri or something. Oh well…

  8. Shakira was a terrible Warlord character. Just terrible! Also, I’m stealing the name Mistress Machinegun for an industrial band.