Fourcast! 03: One time at band camp, I made out with a ghost!

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Number three is a little shorter than numbers one and two due to unavoidable technical difficulties (Thanks, Garageband!). However, we hit the ground running with couple of interesting conversations.

-We talk about the honor and nobility, or lack thereof, of certain types of supervillains. This leads to a conversation about why certain acts by villains cause fans to get worked up.
-What’s the secret connection between Megan Fox and Chuck Dixon? What does Wonder Woman have to do with torture? I don’t know, but I sure do make an amazingly ill-advised comparison between two of these!
-We get down to the nitty-gritty after (not much of a) smooth segue that and discuss the sex lives of two heroes: Connor Hawke and Wolverine.
-Having sex in front of your mom– cool or uncool?
-Guess which one hooked up with a ghost. Guess which one has a big ol’ pile of dead girlfriends.

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6 comments to “Fourcast! 03: One time at band camp, I made out with a ghost!”

  1. I hate you for bringing up the Angel and Husk air sex…I had forgotten all about that. 🙁

  2. That scene is a game-changing, ground-breaking, amazing, all-time classic. You won’t see a scene better than that in any comic, ever. Eat your heart out, Neil Gaiman!

  3. “Guess which one has a big ol’ pile of dead girlfriends.”

    Do you have any idea how little that narrows down the field of superheroes? You should; you were the ones that told me about “Women in Refrigerators.”

  4. If I remember correctly (and I may well be wrong, it’s been years), Waid described his take on Dr. Doom in an interview as being that Doom is in fact not a honorable and noble man. He only acts like that because he believes that that is the manner in which a man in his position should compose himself, and that if a chance to screw Reed Richards or further his own plans comes along, honor and nobility go straight out the window.

    I always thought that was a fantastic way to look at Doom (I also remember that there was an explosion of anger on the messageboard where I posted/read at the time, with people saying that he was screwing up the character).

    There is this weird thing going on in the minds of some fans when it comes to characters like Doom and Magneto. Whenever they do something really villainous (Doom’s skinning his ex-girlfriend, Magneto tearing apart Manhattan), people cry foul and say they’re acting out of character, unable to accept that they’re not, and that the writer just sees them differently than they do.

  5. I thought it was retconnned in that Doom was doing absolutely everything because 1)he believes that Reed Richard’s destroyed his life and he’ll choose to be honorable in any situation to make Richards look bad and 2)he’s trying to figure out a way to get his mother’s soul out of hell, and so he’s acting under desperation.

    Anyway, I’m loving the 4casts – you’ve totally become one of the top two of the four podcasts I listen to.

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