A Fistful of Iron

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A bit of an update from my side of things. A few days ago, my computer up and died. Died as in going to a shutdown and restart screen upon turning on the computer. Hard drive had died of old age and you honestly couldn’t care about any of this.

The short of it is that for several days, I was without computer. This was infuriating for two reasons. One, I was unable to watch the full 2 and a half minute version of the Spongebob Got Back Burger King commercial. Two, I have been completely unable to get any writing done. Which means that the Deadpool countdown thingy will be delayed, though probably no longer than a day or so. That’s not too bad, right?

During my forced Amishness, I dove back into my collection of Essential Power Man and Iron Fist. Coming back to this here site, I found that hermanos posted several pages from it. Feh. If you want a REAL example of how great that comic was, look no further than this:

Haha, Iron Fist is such a dork.

Anyway, the Deadpool thing should hopefully be up sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning.

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2 comments to “A Fistful of Iron”

  1. You know looking at these pages after reading Esther’s married couple post, I can’t help but wonder. Are Luke And Danny the Turk and J.D. of the Marvel U?

  2. My favourite bit was actually where my sense of perspective failed on the first page, and I thought for a brief moment that a random giant had lifted a randomly gigantic chair, and was preparing to smack Luke over the head with it.