Star Sapphire Needs A Revamp

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Alanna, my friend who made the GIF that should clearly show you why you shouldn’t be reading or buying comics by Greg Land, read Green Lantern from last week and, like a lot of really smart people (me), realized that something sucked. In her own words:

I really hate the Star Sapphire outfit. A lot, it’s a stupid outfit and a recent redesign, so someone looked at it in the last decade and thought it was a good idea, and that’s terrible. But I think I get the idea, the designer tried to make it a sexy costume to go with the whole love theme. It’s just that they just made it impractical (especially when you’re as endowed as most of the Star Sapphires) and completely ridiculous. Bits of the detailing are neat, but they’re completely overwhelmed by the rest.

I figured they’d look far better, or at least like a Corps worth taking seriously, if they’d put on something that isn’t a wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen. So I threw this together.

Alanna popped into Photoshop and sent over this:

Things I like about this:
-The black provides a great parallel to the uniform of the Green, Yellow, Red, and Orange Lanterns. Put simply, it makes the Star Sapphires actually look like a Corps, rather than a legion of space hookers.
-Black and violet goes together pretty well, and even gives the uniform something of a sinister look. The Sapphires are straight up brainwashing people into their corps, so this really works.
-Love doesn’t, and shouldn’t, equal sexy. Therefore, the Love Corps shouldn’t really be letting it all hang out. Isn’t a big part of love keeping it all your private bits limited to one person? Sexiness at least has an element of “Hey look at THESE,” but I’m pretty sure “love” as a concept requires a bit of discretion or discernment.
-It’s way better than the real uniform.

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13 comments to “Star Sapphire Needs A Revamp”

  1. The Love Corps(SPACE HOOKERS is good too), should be a bunch of broken people who do incredibly stupid things.

    Just like love.

  2. -Love doesn’t, and shouldn’t, equal sexy. Therefore, the Love Corps shouldn’t really be letting it all hang out. Isn’t a big part of love keeping it all your private bits limited to one person? Sexiness at least has an element of “Hey look at THESE,” but I’m pretty sure “love” as a concept requires a bit of discretion or discernment.

    Why would free love be less love than limited love? Can a mother only love one child? Not that I’m espousing an orgy here, but if your power is based on love I would tend to believe it’s more about ‘in the end the love you make’, etc.

    That said, I hate the exposed suits.

  3. @ACK: I’m nowhere near qualified to answer the question of whether or not free love is real love, but the Love Corps have pretty much stuck to the one and one rule, rather than forcing love on everyone and everything. I’ll admit that I haven’t read all of the GL stuff, but whenever I see them, they’re like “We’ll show you your true love!” rather than “true loves.”

    It’s also worth noting that free love has been focused on sex in the past, and while the Star Sapphires are sexy (or at least someone’s idea of sexiness), they aren’t exactly shooting people with viagra beams, slipping roofies into space-drinks, and snorting Plan B off a key.

    Parental love and carnal love, for lack of a better term for what the star sapphires encourage, are two different, though related, things.

  4. Pat Gleason draws a much better Star Sapphire uniform in Green Lantern Corps http://green-lantern-butts-forever.blogspot.com/2009/01/green-lantern-corps-32.html I don’t know why they don’t do with this one.

  5. What’s really stupid about their uniforms is how cold it must get in space when you’ve got half of your torso hanging out. And really, you’d think the wardrobe errors caused by the constantly erect nipples would be evidence enough that the costume doesn’t work.

  6. I don’t think either uniform is very good. The current one is much to revealing while the old one is way to old fashioned

    They’ve had a fairly standard theme will all the other corps and I think that’s what they should stick with for the Star Sapphires

  7. I can’t wait to see Kryb wearing such sexy outfit! Hahaha!

  8. Can you post the original image? I skimmed the post and said ‘that’s not too bad, what’s he talking about’.

  9. This is right. I always thought they looked really ugly and stupid. You make good points. PLUS, the black goes with people broken by love. The fact that it is sinister works with that too. I have the impression that these corps are very dark but their costume is such a turn-off…

    Please note that love is not neceressarily keeping it to one person, it depends of one’s definition. I do agree that love is not showing yourself off though.

    I really think these corps are immensely stupid because of the costume and the fact that it’s all women. Men can be broken by love too, y’know? I don’t know if we could consider it really sexist but it at least works a lot on clichés. Also, it doesn’t mean every alien species has females or only two sexes(male, female, neutral, etc.?). What would they do then? Also, if the “traditional” clichés/roles in other alien species is reversed: as in men are usually the most associated with love, what do they do then?

    So, yeah, this corps is really stupid in my opinion. I wouldn’t even dare show a Green Lantern comic to someone because of that.

  10. The Star Sapphires behind the one in front are wearing the old costume. The purple bit on the front costume is replaced with skin, and the black bits are turned purple.

  11. Note that the reason Carol is wearing the old style costume is because she was Star Sapphire. That’s her thing. I like it because of the history. As Kwaku noted in GLC the corps costume is different. I also don’t get the its too revealing and it can’t work thing or it would be too cold. The star sapphire makes the outfit and a nice little field around them just like all the other rings do to their bearers.

    The Star Sapphires’ concept of love is flawed. Its always has been. Its the Glenn Close putting a pet rabbit on a pot kinda love. And for some reason it always goes for one of Hal’s girl friends. I just want to know what Hal’s costume is going to be when he get a purple ring, since somehow I bet he ends up with one of each.

  12. As popular as all of the rainbow spectrum corps in GLC are, there are many things that hinder one from taking any of them seriously. Kudos on mentioning this obvious impractical turn-off

  13. I agree with ACK above, and like the fact that the Love Corps have generally stuck strongly to the one central notion, and have not (at least to my knowledge) forced love on everyone and everything.