Ultimatum Edit Week 1: Day Seven

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Yesterday’s installment featured what was essentially the Ultimate Super-Villain Team-Up getting taken down a peg. Speaking of villains, it’s time to reveal who’s behind the events of Ultimatum. It’s going to be a huge surprise if you ignore every single shred of hype for this godawful comic.

That’s enough for now. Maniac Clown and I will be back next time. Finch is good with deadlines, right? So it isn’t going to take nearly a year like the last time?

Once again, please give our iRiff take on Superman in Japoteurs a look. It’s only a dollar. Scratch that, it’s 99 cents! See? We’re trying to trick you into thinking that you’re paying for something that isn’t really a dollar when it kinda just is!

I think I’m doing this wrong.

Week 2!

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18 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 1: Day Seven”

  1. You totally missed the boat on the last panel of yesterday’s pages…you could have had Doom going “Icy Dead People!”


  2. Ow, my soul.

  3. @Gavok: Bwa ha ha, I has succeeded.

    In all seriousness…very good work. Keep it up, I enjoy being able to read Loeb stuff, for free, with writing that actually makes more sense and is funnier.

  4. Wait, Magneto friggin’ kept Thor’s hammer from their fight in Ultimates 3? I can be pretty forgiving, but come on Loeb, Magneto isn’t that great a villain. I don’t care what his damn Q rating is.

  5. Magneto, Master of Magnetism, using his devastating and oft used tidal wave attack!


  6. But seriously, I love the edits, funny stuff, they get better all the time, it is just that there is something that bugs me like every three panels in this damn thing.

  7. As Loeb’s plotting gets worse, our entertainment gets better!

    Love the Ultimate Warrior by the way, great job.

  8. There’s a thing – if Ultimatum Magneto was being set up to become the huge big bad, why didn’t they…you know…change his costume? ‘Cos, even if drawn by David Finch – in fact, ESPECIALLY so – he just looks like a fan-raver with a very bad 616 Magneto costume. The 90s-style belt and gloves just make it even worse…especially as Finch seems to make them look painted on. No wonder his groin is shrouded.

  9. Couldn’t he just float his mail box up there and get the DVDs?

  10. Hey, Magneto’s just glad movies even come on DVDs now. He kept on erasing all his VHS cassettes.

    Incidentally, I really want to see an Obama/Goon team-up.

  11. Interestingly enough, the .99 cent thing was not originally conceived as a marketing ploy. It was developed to keep employees honest. If someone handed you 15 dollars to pay for something that ended up costing $14.96 you were more likely to open the till and give them the proper change rather than just pocket the money. Yay trivia!

  12. Not pictured among the heroes psychically contacted by Charles Xavier: Ray Smuckles and Roast Beef Kazenzakis, GOF co-Champions 2006

  13. Damn it, you’re right. Ray should have been all up in there.

    I was going to try and put Von Kaiser there too, but being an NES sprite, there aren’t any high res pics to use.


  14. It should be a law that everything Loeb writes these days must have “NEXT: THINGS GET WORSE!” prominently displayed on the final page.

    Or maybe on the first page.

    Or on the cover.

  15. Wait, why is Barack Obama in there? And some wrestler dude?

  16. Why not?

    Besides, it’s the Ultimate Warrior. Of course he’s going to be there.

  17. @Stig: “Icy dead people” LMAO!

  18. Charles was too great.