Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Seven

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Well, here it is! The last day.

In the penultimate installment, Quicksilver sacrificed himself for his father by taking an arrow to the chest. The irony is that he would have been able to run in there in time to catch the arrow with his hands if he didn’t have that limp from being shot in the knees by Magneto back in Ultimate War! Good going, Master of Magnetism.

Here’s the rest.

And that does it. My eternal thanks to ManiacClown for writing this with me from issue #1. Thanks to hermanos for the site to showcase this and his never ending support. Thanks to the MightyGodKing himself, Christopher Bird, for his guidance. Thanks to Jeph Loeb, the Joel Schumacher of comics, for giving us such an easy target.

And especially thanks to all of you readers out there who enjoyed it. Even those of you who didn’t enjoy it. You gave it a shot anyway, so I can’t argue.

Now, will there be some kind of Ultimatum Edit in the near future? Hm… we’ll see.

BUT! I can do you one better. I’m sure many of you have heard of Rifftrax, the website second coming of Mystery Science Theater 3000, headed by Mike Nelson and the rest. Some of you may have heard of iRiffs, the new feature on the site. Now any moron with a microphone and time on his hands can put together his own Rifftrax selections for the public to purchase and enjoy.

I am one of these morons.

That’s right. Me, Nick “ManiacClown” Zachariasen and my old friend James Howard will be making fun of things video/audio-style. Here we’re just starting off with Japoteurs, a somewhat racist Superman cartoon from the 40’s. But we have a lot more in the works, so stay tuned once the iRiffs section is up and running.

Tomorrow or so, I’ll probably have some kind of annotations thing for Ultimate Edit up. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, check it out.

Again, thanks for reading, folks. It’s been a blast.

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8 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Seven”

  1. so it’s all Doom’s machinations, but Ultimatum is about Magneto? Cool.

  2. I’m suprised at the quality of the direction. I’m guessing some level of rotoscoping is involved.

  3. You all have very attractive voices.

  4. I would like to see you do the upcoming “Ultimate Captain America” Annual, partly because – shock! – it reveals that the real Black Panther is a white guy and a “Wolverine Except With Panthers” knockoff, and every page has either one or four panels.

  5. That was the most hilarious week I’ve had in ages.
    Keep up the great work!

  6. Level with me, Gav. This whole thing was so you could parody Hostess ads without drawing Seanbaby’s ire, wasn’t it?

  7. So…Ultimate Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch, and Mindbender (name escapes me) are all dead. Pyro lost his hands. Captain America is strong enough to punch out the Juggernaut. For no reason, Captain America is also the Black Panther, as Iron Man is for no reason the War Machine. For no reason, Hawkeye hunted down Spider-Man and got no information. Ultimate Valkirye has now has powers. Ultimate Thor now can use any weapon he wants, kind of like that issue of The Planetary. Also, Ultimate Thor no longer needs his power belt and power suit, which effectively depowered him in that one issue of the Ultimates. Ultimate Doom tricked Ultimate Ant Man into thinking he created Ultimate Ultron who created a clone of Ultimate Venom.

    Even after it was all kind of explained in the last issue, all I kept on thinking throughout the entire thing was that there. Was. No. Point. Just muddling up the continuity of a line that was supposed to be about ease of entrance.

  8. At least two Achewood references out of one Jeph Loeb series. Like turning water into wine.