Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Six

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Yesterday, Valkyrie got knocked out of the sky by Pyro and then Mastermind mastered her mind. Then Pyro received the nomination for Most Out-of-Character in a Jeph Loeb Production. Congratulations, Mr. Allerdyce.

Now we go to a Lord of the Rings battle sequence that’s reduced to three pages because MAD! can’t fit any more into his hefty schedule.

Tomorrow we’ll get a little conclusion to this scene, as well as more fun with robots to close out the week.

Thanks to ManiacClown, who’s good at translating our thoughts into Thor-speak.

Day Seven!

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15 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Six”

  1. Awesome Santa Claus jokes! 😀 I really liked the “Death and Coal” bit.

  2. And in my head, Magneto was totally using The Monarch’s voice. (The awesome Venture Brothers Monarch, not the lameass DC Monarch.)

  3. I come for the drawings of Valkyrie, but stay for the improved dialog!

  4. (The awesome Venture Brothers Monarch, not the lameass DC Monarch.)

    Honestly, I use the same voice for both. It much improves the latter.

  5. See, The Monarch’s voice is good for Magneto, but I hear it as somewhere between Urkel, Charlton Heston & Orson Welles.

  6. Now all I can think of green pea-ness.

  7. Can’t we all agree that this is how Magneto talks?

  8. He didn’t even get his directions . . .

  9. Magneto needs to be elected to a Senate seat. He’d be the ultimate filibuster weapon.

  10. Dear Mr. Gavok:

    Please find an artist and begin writing your Santa Claus the Barbarian: Bloody, Savage Christmas comic so that I may give you many dollars. Thank you…

  11. You could always read Last Christmas. That’s close enough.

    “Tell ’em Santa Claus is coming to town… and Hell’s coming with him.”

  12. Do you still have Akuma’s Christmas story? Didn’t someone turn that into a comic?

  13. Thunder Goy?

  14. That was ManiacClown’s idea. Apparently “goy” is an insult towards non-jews.

  15. Oh, crap, we forgot to give a shot-out to Cap’nAndy, who I wanted to give a credit for being “Secretary of Ed-Jew-cation”. The line was originally “Do yourself a mitzvah. Give up now.” Andy said that wouldn’t make any sense because a mitzvah is not, as I previously thought, the Jewish word for a good deed, but apparently something that’s spiritually fulfilling. He explained it as a kind of anti-sin, something you do because it makes God happy.

    I then asked him for some sort of slur for non-Jews and he said that “goy” was fairly generic, and it fits rather closely letter-wise with “god” so I had Magneto call Santa-Thor “thunder goy.”