Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Five

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In our last installment, Hawkeye was saved by Ka-Zar, Shanna and a couple hungry tigers. Then Wolverine and Black Panther got punked by a guy calling himself the Juggernaut. Now we focus on Valkyrie.

Maybe in the next issue, we’ll see Ultimate Deadpool giving all his money to a mutant charity.

Get ready for tomorrow because that’s when ManiacClown and I will cover the EPIC* battle between Thor and Magneto!

*It isn’t epic by any means

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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7 comments to “Ultimate Edit Week 4: Day Five”

  1. Pyro’s appearance is even funnier when if you believe this story was originally written by Loeb to be a 616 story, where Pyro’s been dead from the legacy virus for a long-ass time. I think, in fact, Pyro didn’t even get the dignity of dying in an X-Men book. He just showed up in Daredevil and died for no good reason.

  2. What were the actual teaser ads for?

  3. Nice Corey Hart joke. 😀

  4. mack: Ultimate Origins.

  5. I’ve not seen anything in this type of style before? Does it have a name? I have dabbled a little in smudge style, but the results looked a lot different from yours.

  6. Adult Ühler: If you’re talking about the art, we don’t produce Ultimates 3, we just make fun of it. The artwork is entirely Joe Madureira’s fault.

  7. The style is called “why bother an inker with this shit”