Pay Attention, Blogosphere

July 21st, 2008 by | Tags:

Jay Smooth has some dope advice for you if you don’t know how to talk about things like actual people, instead of like mobile talking points attack vehicles.

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8 comments to “Pay Attention, Blogosphere”

  1. Sweet Christmas!

  2. this sort of thing is really great, but i think fixing people on the internet, you know, getting them to stop being douches, is probably insurmountable. A percentage of people who just finished watching that were probably like “pfft, stupid darkies, telling me what to do.”, while others swear that they allready knew all this. It’s why I can’t handle reading 99% of messageboards.

    In short, on the internet, no one can really make a difference to people. And it sucks.

  3. That’s Joker talk, fella. Batman would say that we can make a difference, even if only a small one, and that’s make all the effort worth it.

  4. what, are you dense or retarded or something? Batman would care about the internet?

  5. Yeah, man, if I didn’t think I couldn’t make a difference, I’d just shut up.

    Or turn into a low/no-content snark blogger. Or talk about rap more. I dunno.

  6. well, i suppose you can make some difference. Just seems like the internet is so immense, anyone can only gonna make a scratch at a time.

  7. Holding someone accountable for this sort of thing on the internet just seems crazy. It’s really the same thing, someone running up to you on the street and stealing your wallet, and someone on the internet named “JollyRancher 838383” saying “hee hee, black people like watermelon!”?

  8. Discernment in this sort of thing is important, I think. But why should the internet be different from real life? I’m the same person online as I am online. The David you see at SDCC on Thursday will be the same David on here. That’s part of why I keep my real name on my posts. I’m me, I’m accountable. If you google me, you’re going to see what I’ve done.

    Why let people be fake?

    That’s just me, though. I know not everyone thinks the same, and that’s fine.