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July 22nd, 2008 by |

Who should I be reading on the internet? I need to update my blog roll and RSS feeds.

Comics preferably, but I’ll take not-comics, too.

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6 comments to “Feed Me Links”

  1. I’m a looong time reader, I don’t comment much, probably should. Personally I think you should give Twitter a go, follow a few comic writers/editors after a while it’s unerringly addictive.

    http://www.standardattrition.com/ Vertigo creators blog.

    Just a few things I check most days.

    Also props, thanks to this site I picked up Essential Powerman and Iron Fist. Awesome. Love the site.

  2. Mark Evanier posts a lot of good comic book entries.


  3. There’s this rarely updated blog I like… I can’t remember the name of it of the top of my head. Just google “rarely updated blog” I guess.

  4. I put FBB on and this is how you repay me? >:|

  5. I’ve been a fan of

    http://www.superdickery.com (not really a blog but still fun)

    And also my own shameless dirty plug linked in my name. (Also not a blog really)

  6. I had the same question recently, and here’s what some of my readers suggested.