Five Reasons

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This is inspired in part by Kalinara’s post here.

Five Reasons Why I Blog:

One: The only way to become a better writer is to write.
I write for a living, so it’s important that I stay in practice. Having a comics blog lets me talk about something that I love. I’ve been trying to move 4l to a daily blog, but sometimes that’s hard. That’s the dream, though.

Two: I am a hopeless narcissist.
I like when people pay attention to me, and having a blog gives me a chance to see what other people feel about my opinions and/or writing. I love getting comments and responding to them.

Three: Blogs and the blogospherohedron have a wide variety of opinions.
This is partially related to Two. Getting comments is an easy way to see these other opinions, but the best way by far is to read other blogs. I’ve got 108 feeds in NetNewsWire and at least 60-70 of them are comics related feeds. I read all the big blogs, as far as I know, and a bunch of the smaller ones. There are a lot I don’t comment on (I hate that Blogspot doesn’t have comment feeds), but I do read them. You get to meet cool people.

Four: I like being able to sit down and organize my thoughts on comics.
I do a lot of thinking. Putting words on virtual paper forces me to organize those thoughts in such a way that they are both palatable and understandable to people who are not me. Writing them down makes them real and concrete.

Five: I just love comics, man.

I just wanted to talk about the comics, see? All those shitty, amazing comics…”
–Wally Sage, Flex Mentallo #1

You probably haven’t noticed, but there’s a Podpress link text at the bottom of the page now. I wonder what that could mean?

Watch this space.

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2 comments to “Five Reasons”

  1. Six: people occasionally send you free stuff.

  2. For me, I just love to write. Sometimes I could be playing videogames or reading or watching Robot Chicken, but instead, I need to type. I need to write up something. Not only that, but I need to put it in italics to bring emphasis.

    The other thing is that I just like to edutain. I want to tell you about the time Venom bit the Sandman, which somehow killed him six months later, while telling it in a way that keeps your attention and maybe makes you laugh as I toss in a joke about how worthless Wyatt Wingfoot is.

    I’m a comedian. I get by via you getting by. If some anecdote about the X-Men cartoon puts a smile on your face, then all right. We all win.