End of An Era: Iron Fist

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You know, I was going to detail my San Diego con schedule here in excruciating detail. What panels I was going to (the ones with black people talking, obviously), what parties I got invited to (none, all of you suck), and what I was planning on eating (if SDCC is like E3, the food is expensive and terrible), but then I decided against it. Other sites are going to do it better than I will, and if you’re swift enough to be reading 4l! and going to E3, you’re swift enough to be able to look at a schedule and see what interests you.

Instead, I’m going to post the beginning and the end of The Immortal Iron Fist #16, the official end of the Brubaker/Fraction/Aja era of Iron Fist. They revamped the character, turned him into something viable and interesting for the first time in ages.

the beginning

the end

It’s nice to see a socially conscious superhero, innit?

This one goes out to Cheryl Lynn.

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10 comments to “End of An Era: Iron Fist”

  1. What to eat at the con. Nothing. Its like 8 bucks for a slice of pizza. Go out and get some seafood or something…

  2. Not if I have to kill it myself.

    I haven’t killed and gutted a fish since I was in Fulton County prison.

  3. That seems like a strange thing to do in prison. I think i may of missed a joke.

    Anyways, food. Not much can beat loaves of bread for price. I recommend having different sorts of sammiches everyday. Hot chips (french fries for you americans) and tomato sauce (ketchup, americans) go on white bread amazingly, and end up pretty damn cheap.

  4. Food at ‘Con? Three tips:

    1) There’s a Ralphs about a block or two away. If you can, get some sandwich supplies, keep ’em at the hotel/on you, depending on how far you wanna plan ahead, bring ’em in with you. Nobody checks for food.
    2) This would usually be the “DO NOT eat at that shitty bar from Top Gun” but the place got burned down about a month ago, you’re safe on that front. (Yes I’m pasting this from somewhere, shut up.)
    3) If you can, take the trolley down a stop or two in any direction. You’ll get cheaper food around there with a minimum of effort (Seaport Village has some little hot dog/burger stands, for one, or somewhere like Horton Plaza for a mall’s selection).

  5. Cage’s party hat is amazing.

  6. I think he was making a joking where fish = new prisoner

  7. Lurker got it.

  8. thought it’d be like that. Didn’ wanna be wrong and make an ass of myself

  9. Oops.

    Consider me shamed.

  10. Contextless, the last scenes remind me of the original ending to The Descent.