Remember the Fiff-dee-tuu

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This goes out to d00gz and the 52 worlds.

The end of 52 revealed that there are 52 earths in the DCU, each of which ripe with imagination and new ideas and wonder.

(from 52 #52)

Today, DC Comics revealed their list most of the 52 worlds over on Newsarama.

Hang on, can I start over?

Today, DC Comics revealed that most of the new worlds promised in 52 have been replaced with a bunch of crappy Elseworlds that no one read, less people liked, and even less people cared about.

Earth-2: Home of the original Justice Society (first appearance 52 #52 – this earth’s Superman and Power Girl are missing)
Earth-3: The Crime Society’s world (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-4: Home of the Charlton characters (a.k.a. – the Watchmen-esque world) (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-5: Home of the Fawcett (Shazam) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-8: World of Lord Havok and the Extremists – called Angor by its natives (Countdown #29)
Earth-9: Tangent Universe (upcoming in Tangent: Superman’s Reign #1)
Earth-10: Home of the Quality (Freedom Fighters, Uncle Sam, the original Ray, etc) characters (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-11: World of reversed genders ( Arena #1 and The Search For Ray
Palmer: Superwoman/ Batwoman #1)
Earth-12: The Next Generation, beyond Batman (i.e., Batman Beyond?) (Arena #1)
Earth-13: World of dark and arcane heroes ( Arena #1)
Earth-15: World of heroes realized (Donna Troy as Wonder Woman; Jason Todd as Batman) (Countdown #30 – the earth of this universe was destroyed in Countdown #24)
Earth-16: Home of the Super-Sons ( Arena #1)
Earth-17: A post WWIII, apocalyptic universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-18: World of the Elseworld’s Justice Riders ( Arena #1)
Earth-19: World of Elseworld’s Gotham by Gaslight (The Search For Ray
Palmer: Gotham By Gaslight #1)
Earth-21: World of Elseworld’s New Frontier ( Arena #1)
Earth-22: Elseworld’s Kingdom Come Universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-26: Universe of Captain Carrot and the Amazing Zoo Crew (Captain Carrot
And The Final Ark #1)
Earth-30: World of Elseworld’s Superman: Red Son (Countdown #32)
Earth-32: World of Elseworld’s Batman: Darkest Knight (Arena #1)
Earth-34: World of Elseworld’s Amazonia ( Arena #1)
Earth-37: World of Elseworld’s Thrillkiller ( Arena #1)
Earth-40: World of Elseworld’s Liberty Files ( Arena #1)
Earth-43: World of Elseworld’s Batman: Red Rain (The Search For Ray Palmer:
Red Rain #1)
Earth-48: Forerunner’s world (Countdown #46)
Earth-50: Wildstorm Universe (first seen 52 #52)

Just in case you’re keeping score at home, here are the genuinely new Earths, ones that we’ve never seen before:
Earth-15: World of heroes realized (Donna Troy as Wonder Woman; Jason Todd as Batman) (Countdown #30 – the earth of this universe was destroyed in Countdown #24)
Earth-17: A post WWIII, apocalyptic universe (first appearance 52 #52)
Earth-48: Forerunner’s world (Countdown #46)

There are three new Earths out of 26 announced now, one of which has already been destroyed and the other I think is barren of life or populated by Forerunner’s race or something stupid like that?

Good going, DC. You have the opportunity to create a gang of new characters, settings, and stories and you go right into Fanboy Masturbation territory.

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18 comments to “Remember the Fiff-dee-tuu”

  1. I like many of these, but did we really need a *Justice Riders* world, for Pete’s sake? A Liberty Files world? An Amazonia world?

  2. It’s funny. Rip’s comment about the multiverse being opened is really very metafictional looking back. By defining the 52 universes, they’ve really removed any ability for new possibilities. Sure, they can write further stories, but the majority of Elseworlds stories had pretty firm endings, that I can remember. Also, there’s a couple other new worlds in there, unless you’re counting one-panel appearances as previously seen. Earth-12 may or may not be Batman Beyond. If nothing else, the GL being featured in Arena is NOT the GL from BB (although there’s a simple argument that there’s lots of GLs). Earth-13 is possibly new, although the intentional vagueness kind of hints at Earth-Vertigo. Earth-3’s entire publishing history at this point is a couple fight scenes in Countdown. Same with Earth-15 (although that is now destroyed). There’s also a handful of skipped numbers which may well be completely new. Still, I agree that it’s a huge letdown making the bulk into previously seen Elseworlds.

  3. I wonder how many more of these worlds will see entire casts introduced and then murdered by Superboy Prime.

  4. About those 3 “new” worlds? It’s only two.

    Earth-17 is Atomic Knights-ville. Population: Armor-clad dudes riding dalmations.

    I’m glad they never made that post-apoc DCU Elseworld I had the idea for. (It would’ve been awesome though. At the end it turns out the nuclear war started when the Cold War superpowers saw baby Kal-El’s rocket. Whoa!)

  5. I’m still wondering why they needed to do this when Hypertime was already there.

    Of course, explaining Hypertime is another matter. It’s probably easier to say “parallel worlds!” and have fanboys debate endlessly about multiple continuities.

  6. DC is all about wheels within wheels. They’re spinnin’ nigga. They’re spinnin’.

  7. MarkPoa hit it on the head.

  8. DC is all about wheels within wheels. They’re spinnin’ nigga. They’re spinnin’.

    I can’t decide whether to laugh or to strangle you until I feel better.

  9. This shit is the prelude to the reintroduction of Hypertime. Why the hell would Grant Morrison pitch a Crisis without Hypertime?

  10. …in hindsight, its hard to see DC going in any other direction than ‘oh, all our Elseworlds are now worlds!’

    And hells yeah, those panels are full of meta. “Thats the way things should be…” doesn’t get more meta than that. ^_^

    I think the problem that (some) fans had with Hypertime was that it meant that they had to relax their rigid grip on continuity. Y’see, for me, the explanation that “It’s all true, it all happened” is really neat and sort of Zen. Its the same reason I’ve been using to explain the sections where Vertigo overlaps with the DCU proper- having an ‘Earth 13’ would create a lot more problems than it would solve, IMO.

    And while I’m ranting:
    Earth-4: Home of the Charlton characters (a.k.a. – the Watchmen-esque world)
    Watchmen-esque? Isn’t that a little… disingenuous?

  11. To be fair, they didn’t name off a good chunk of worlds, around half or so, so there is the chance, hopefully a good one, that we’ll see something new and exciting and not cribbed from some Elseworlds book. I can always hope, even if the odds are around the same as me bitting bit by a bat/spider hybrid from Krypton which was engulfed in gamma radiation and thusly turning into SPIDER HULK BAT SUPER MAN.

  12. I think Newsarama and/or DC messed up in labeling Earth-13 as first appearing in Arena #1. I’m pretty sure it’s the Earth from the backup of Countdown to Adventure #3, with the different schools of magic and the Shade as a major player and the like. It’s not a particularly GOOD world, but it’s a great deal better than canonizing Red Rain and Justice Riders. (About the only Elseworlds I really think belonged in the 52 Earths are Kingdom Come, which I think is overrated but is certainly the most important, and New Frontier and maybe Liberty Files just because I liked them a lot. And maybe that utterly bizarre one where Kal-El was adopted by the Waynes and became Batman, just because it would amuse me to see him interact with our Batman.)

  13. All I want to know is which Earth has Superman punching out Bat-Santa? Now that was an Elseworlds worth reading.

  14. And, while it’s not a comic COVER, it’d make an awesome front cover for the last CHIKARA show of the year!

  15. How lame that practically all of these universes can be described in one sentence that begins, “Batman is a/an…”

    Earth-2 “Batman is a dead guy who fathered a daughter with Catwoman.”
    Earth-3 “Batman is an evil jerk.”
    Earth-9 “Batman is an enchanted suit of armor.”
    Earth-11 “Batman is a woman.”
    Earth-12 “Batman is a teenage kid.”
    Earth-13 “Batman is a sorcerer.”
    Earth-15 “Batman is a guy named Jason Todd.”
    Earth-16 “Batman is a dad.”
    Earth-18 “Batman is a cowboy.”
    Earth-19 “Batman is a Victorian vigilante.”
    Earth-21 “Batman is a …Batman.”
    Earth-22 “Batman is a crippled micro-manager.”
    Earth-26 “Batman is a mouse.”
    Earth-30 “Batman is a Russian resistance fighter.”
    Earth-32 “Batman is a Green Lantern.”
    Earth-37 “Batman is a broke orphan.”
    Earth-40 “Batman is an American spy during WWI.”
    Earth-43 “Batman is a vampire.”
    Earth-50 “Batman is a gay black ops operative.” (They’re totally going to do this, just you watch.)

  16. Well that’s just great. Now I want there to be a lone Forerunner child who survived the Shadow Demon assault and swore to become a bat. Monitors are a superstitious ect. ect.

  17. Why the hell does everyone have shadow demons now anyways? Darkseid, the Monitors, the Anti-Monitor, probably Pa Kent…

  18. Shadow demons are probably easy to find hanging out in the parking lot of a Home Depot or something.