Oh, hell yeah.

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Fine, fine, the next DC animated straight-to-DVD movie is badly named.  ‘Crisis on Two Earths’?  We’ve had infinite earths.  Two earths just sounds like people being stingy with the crises.  I was skeptical.

I had reservations.

I was not impressed.

And then?

Hell. Yeah.

Yes, that is James Woods as Owlman.  And Gina Torres as Superwoman.  Is it wrong to hope that evil wins this one?

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9 comments to “Oh, hell yeah.”

  1. why can’t Spring 2010 be now? ;_;

  2. @Nathan: Because if it was, we’d miss this entire season of 30 Rock.

  3. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: “Hasn’t it been a great year, David?” “…it’s June, Esther.”

  4. My only issue with the continuing series of animated movies is that I always have to get used to another voice actor for Batman. Kevin Conroy is Batman. Everyone else is a poser.

  5. @Carlos Ortiz:
    Honestly, it’s time to lay the man out to pasture. Kevin Conroy was great, but he is not the end all be all of Batmans.

  6. I believe Crisis on Two Earths is the title of the story that introduced the multiverse by having the Flashes of Earth 1 and Earth 2 team up.

  7. I’m impressed by the character designs they’ve come up with for the Earth-2 characters. Good versions of villains is a fairly untapped field of ideas even in the realm of 70+ years of continuity mining. It takes a lighter touch than evil versions of heroes, in my baseless opinion.

  8. I’ve got to side with Carlos. Whereas Kevin Conroy isn’t the only person capable of voicing an awesome Batman, he sets the bar high.

  9. I quite like Batman’s voice in the trailer for Two Earths, but you know he’s going to get kicked in the pants by Owlman.

    Other voices may vary. Baeder’s voice, in Brave and Bold, is not right for Batman as a whole, but I’m growing to think it’s just perfect for the series. It has that humorous edge that can make us laugh even when Batman is being deadpan.

    On the other hand, Batman’s voice in New Frontier bugged the hell out of me. It was so bloodless.