An Update on Lack of Updates

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Wow, I haven’t written crap in the last two weeks. To be fair, I have been writing. I just haven’t been posting. Work’s been giving me hours that aren’t writing friendly and a lot of my time off has been spent either sleeping, going to Chikara shows or proctoring the SATs. The last of which is the easiest money ever and if you can find someone who can give you that gig, go for it.

I do have something fairly big set for this Sunday, so definitely tune in for that.

In the meantime, and I don’t want to sound like a corporate shill on this, but Barnes and Noble has an annual sale around this time that kicks a certain amount of ass. For the month of June, all their DVDs are “buy two, get one free”. All of them. This means I’ll be picking up the Wrestlemania I-V boxset, the Wrestlemania VI-X boxset, with the Rocky I-V boxset tossed in for free.

More importantly, and getting back to the whole comics thing, it means I’m finally done collecting my Diniverse DVDs. Four Batman sets, three Superman sets, three Batman Beyond sets, four Justice League sets, Mask of the Phantasm, Sub-Zero and Return of the Joker: Awesome Version. Technically, the collection isn’t complete, since I’m missing Mystery of the Batwoman, Brainiac Attacks and Return of the Joker: Pussified Version. Maybe I’ll end up picking up Batwoman, since it wasn’t all that bad, but the latter two can rot in a dumpster for all I care. Off-screen electrocution my ass.

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7 comments to “An Update on Lack of Updates”

  1. No JLU sets? What about Static? Does he count as Diniverse? I mean they kept doing cross-overs…

  2. JLU counts as JL. Static, I’ll just ignore.

  3. From what I hear, Brainiac Attacks, though it uses the Diniverse looks, is not canon, so don’t worry about it. And Batwoman is good, plus it has a neat Catwoman short by Paul Dini.

  4. I wonder if they’re going to do Zeta Project sets at some point. Not that the show was all that good, but still. For completeness’ sake you know?

  5. “I do have something fairly big set for this Sunday, so definitely tune in for that.”

    Add a day or two to that. The cause: bad tuna sandwich. Ugh…

  6. Good to know. Thanks.

  7. And you haven’t written up any of the Chikara shows? What’s with you, man?