The “Macho Man” Randy Savage Plus Prop Challenge

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It’s become a recent tradition for me to do the Plus Prop challenge every time I make a visit to New York Comic Con. First time it was with Venom and that was fun. Then I used Juggernaut and that worked out well too. This year I wasn’t sure who to use. With so many choices and some reader support, I settled on using the late, great Randall Poffo, known by many names: Bonesaw McGraw, Rasslor, Leonard Ghostal and most famously, “Macho Man” Randy Savage.

And so, I spent much of Comic Con’s four days badgering various comic artists for commissions at Artists’ Alley. The challenge is to draw Randy Savage plus another object. Any object. What that object is is up to the artist and not me. This one ended up being a ton of fun and most of the artists were incredibly into it. Before he even drew anything, Chris Giarrusso and I spent like a half hour talking about how great Savage’s promos were. So sit back and snap into the fruits of their labor.


Randy Savage with Skull
by Jacob Chabot

Randy Savage with Mjolnir
by Chris Giarrusso

Randy Savage with Rolling Tire
by Franco

Randy Savage with Pizza
by Yehudi Mercado

Randy Savage with Electric Guitar
by Ryan Dunlavey

Randy Savage with Rubber Chicken
by Avery Butterworth

Randy Savage with Coffee Mug
by Julian Lytle

Randy Savage with Landscape of Fire
by Tony Vassalo

Randy Savage with Wardrobe
by Erica Henderson

Randy Savage with 80’s Cell Phone
by Michael Dolce

Randy Savage with Hulk Hogan Wrestling Buddy
by Scott Zambelli

Randy Savage with Half-Naked Kitana and Mileena
by Stanley Chou

Randy Savage with Slim Jim
by Andrew Charipar

Randy Savage with Stress Doll
by Marc Lapierre

Randy Savage with Kitty Cat
by Mina Sanwald

Randy Savage with Saw
by Joe Haley and TJ Dort

Randy Savage with Randy Savage Plus Prop Sketchbook
By the Think Tanque

Many, many thanks to the artists and that awesome Macho King cosplayer. You made the weekend an absolute blast.

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10 comments to “The “Macho Man” Randy Savage Plus Prop Challenge”

  1. ‘objects’ apparently includes ‘half naked women.’ huh.

  2. “Randy Savage with Randy Savage Plus Prop Sketchbook” – I saw that one coming. I’d be disappointed if it hadn’t come.

  3. Apparently, one of Ryan Dunlavey’s strengths is drawing guitars, as seen with [url=http://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=888783&GSub=123768]this sketch I got back in June.

    I’ve been juggling themes for a while now . . . like casting characters from a specific show in Geoff Johns’ emotional spectrum. So far, I’ve gotten red, orange and yellow.

  4. Everything about this is great.

  5. Oh, wow, you were in costume as Randy Savage? Awesome!

  6. @Mark Poa: That’s not me. Just a guy dressed as Savage who was in the right place at the right time.

  7. Oh man the Yorick one is going to have me chuckling randomly all night, I can tell already.

  8. Macho Man doing an elbow drop on the stress doll was my favorite until I got to the MM cosplayer pic. Oh, yeah.

  9. Awesome! That’s my pic with the two MK babes hanging off his arms, hehe. Thanks for asking for the pic, it was such a pleasure to draw!

  10. […] See more Macho Man sketches from that sketchbook here. […]