Presidential Debates: Livetweeted

October 16th, 2012 by | Tags: ,

Word on the street is that the Big Pun hologram went off without a hitch… and then went off. The night is young, and the Big Pun hologram is already fighting and hiding his gun. The debate moderator is bugging, screaming, “Who the FUCK invited Pun?!”

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3 comments to “Presidential Debates: Livetweeted”

  1. i’ve been saving all my jokes for tumblr lately i guess, but i figured i should inflict them on all of you, too :smug:

  2. I loved the Birdman reference the most as, “What happened to that boy” was a favorite of mine those years ago.

  3. I hold a steady notion that talking about politics is only interesting when you add humor to it.