This Week in Panels: Week 142

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Good day and welcome to another ThWiP. I swear, one of these days I’ll get around to doing an opening graphic or something. Maybe. Probably not.

I’m joined by Was Taters, Gaijin Dan and Jody.

The Before Watchmen panel is all me. I guess I should nip this in the bud before it melts into the comments, but I’m checking out the comics for the time being. I’m genuinely curious and I can’t bring myself to care about the situation as much as David does, as much as I dig his passion on the subject. In the end, I feel the same about the Moore situation as I do when someone tells me what a hotdog is made of. Yeah, that’s terrible and disgusting, and the JMS stuff will probably give me diarrhea later, but I’m still in the mood to chow down. David gives zero fucks and, as always, lets me do my thing. I only mention this because I don’t want people moaning about how he’s a hypocrite for allowing a panel of Before Watchmen on his site after all his open disgust. That’s all on me, a guy with a difference of opinion.

Plus it’s payback for the time he put a Jeph Loeb comic panel as a header image. That asshole.

Now for some panels.

Action Comics #10
Grant Morrison, Rags Morales, Sholly Fisch and CAFU

Age of Apocalypse #4
David Lapham, Roberto de la Torre and Renato Arlem

Animal Man #10 (Jody’s pick)
Jeff Lemire and Steve Pugh

Animal Man #10 (Gavin’s pick)
Jeff Lemire and Steve Pugh

Avengers Academy #31
Christos Gage and Tom Grummett

Barrage #1
Kouhei Horikoshi

Batwing #10
Judd Winick and Marcus To

Before Watchmen: Minutemen #1
Darwyn Cooke, Len Wein and John Higgins

Bleach #492
Tite Kubo

Dark Avengers #175
Jeff Parker and Declan Shalvey

Defenders #7
Matt Fraction and Terry Dodson

Dial H #2
China Mieville and Mateus Santolouco

Hulk #53
Jeff Parker and Dale Eaglesham

iZombie #26
Chris Roberson and Michael Allred

Journey Into Mystery #639 (Taters’ pick)
Kieron Gillen and Richard Elson

Journey Into Mystery #639 (Gavin’s pick)
Kieron Gillen and Richard Elson

Justice League International #10
Dan Jurgens and Aaron Lopresti

One Piece #667
Eiichiro Oda

Stormwatch #10
Peter Milligan and Ignacio Calero

Swamp Thing #10 (Jody’s pick)
Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla

Swamp Thing #10 (Taters’ pick)
Scott Snyder and Francesco Francavilla

Toriko #187
Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

Ultimate Spider-Man #11
Brian Michael Bendis and David Marquez

Uncanny X-Men #13
Kieron Gillen and Billy Tan

Winter Soldier #6
Ed Brubaker and Michael Lark

Worlds’ Finest #2
Paul Levitz, George Perez and Kevin Maguire

John Constantine is a hero.

In case there’s even one person out there on the internet who hasn’t seen it, bask in the glow that is the Wreck-It Ralph trailer.

Whoever decided, “Let’s mix Who Framed Roger Rabbit with Captain N, toss in John C. Reilly and have it written and directed by the guys from the good seasons of the Simpsons,” deserves a statue in his/her honor.

I just hope they cut out all of General Custer’s scenes to keep it under an R rating.

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12 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 142”

  1. It’s such a big deal that Barrage (originally called Sensei no Bulge/Sensei’s Bulge *snerk*) is getting in WJ Alpha just 4 weeks after it started. That’s the definition of an untested risk, and is all kinds of super cool.

  2. That AvX 5 panel is actually from Uncanny X-Men 13.

  3. All of Hulk’s fingers in the Age of Apocalypse panel seem to be the same length and for some reason I find it incredibly creepy.

  4. Holy crap, Steve Pugh actually draws Constantine the way he’s supposed to look!

  5. I smell an attempt at Toy Story glory reclamation. Good luck, Mr. Wreck-It. I’ll probably be there.

  6. Damn, somehow I missed Dark Avengers. Gotta snag that when I get home.

  7. @lascoden: Thanks for the heads up. Fixed.

  8. Man, your scan of “Dark Avengers” looks better than my physical copy. And ditto on the creepiness of the AoA Hulk fingers. And lastly I love how Gage kept slipping in little digs on how stupid the various Big Event Marvel Punch-Up comics are…

  9. That panel from “Batwing” might be enough to make me buy it. I love good Nightwing.

  10. @Maxy B: SJA has, up to now, been nothing but established series well into their runs. They’re mostly good series, but it’s not very welcoming to anyone who wasn’t already following them. Therefore, it’s refreshing to see them add in something brand new. Apparently this is only Kouhei Horikoshi’s second series? I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on it.

  11. lol I love good ole John Constantine,Lemire should write the Vertigo series after Milligan’s run is over.

  12. @Gaijin D: yeah, horikoshi’s first series was about a zoo run by a man cursed to look like a rabbit and had decent success for a debut, running about half a year, so hopefully this new series lasts long enough to give something at least as fulfilling to SJA readers