Death and Return of Superman Explained… Starring Elijah Wood as Cyborg Superman?!

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A few years back, Max Landis — son of legendary director John Landis — created a video on YouTube called Cooking with Comics: Knightfall. In it, he prepares a meal while explaining the story of Knightfall from memory. His monologue is adapted into a bunch of scenes acted out by his friends in low-budget costumes with a lot of humor tossed in, like something out of Drunk History. I’ve posted it once or twice during This Week in Panels because I can watch it every day and still laugh at a black guy with a blond mullet wig and a cross in hand playing Azrael.

Now he’s back with a new video, twice as long, where he explains the story of Death and Return of Superman. That on its own makes it worth checking out, but he really went all out in getting famous people to show up for this. Not only do we have cameos from guys like Simon Pegg and Ron Howard, but Mandy Moore is Lois Lane and Elijah freaking Wood is Hank Henshaw, the Cyborg Superman.

If anything, you have to watch it for the absolute best incarnation of the Green Lantern Corps.

Turns out he wrote that superpowers-based movie Chronicle that just came out this week. That’s certainly an interesting way to go about advertising, but I’ll take it!

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8 comments to “Death and Return of Superman Explained… Starring Elijah Wood as Cyborg Superman?!”

  1. I wish I knew what it was about comics, specifically, that causes me to be upset when people misrepresent what occurred in them (whether it’s a lovingly distorted recollection like this video or weird continuity burps in the comics themselves, not even necessarily Jeph Loeb rampages). I generally try not to get hung up on canon, individual/group interpretations that differ from mine or taking this stuff very seriously period, but for some reason things like this itch my brain in ways I don’t understand. Like I’m hearing someone inexplicably screw up an anecdote based on a series of events I was also witness to.

  2. I am shocked, SHOCKED I say that you would endorse the Batman video since that girl butchers the pronunciation of luchadore.

    What would LA PARK think? :negativeman:

  3. Well, at least these guys have a better sense of space and how to frame a scene than Dan Jurgens does.

  4. Wow. Max Landis. Guy’s one to watch. Hell, I laughed. Can’t say he doesn’t make some good points!

  5. So if Death of superman was the Death of Death(‘s old job)? Does this mean for DC’s representation of Death? Does she after this event Stop giving a shit about keeping souls and just ask folks if they want to come back to the living or not?

  6. @SomerandomGuy: Johns did in fact make a little bit of sense for this in Blackest Night. Superman, Wonder Woman and the rest were all supposed to have stayed dead, but Nekron — who is basically one facet of Death in the DCU — cracked the door open and allowed them to return. He in turn had a hold on them and was able to make them sleeper agents for his rising.

    One of the better ideas to come out of that event. I even recall Hal and Barry discussing that now that Nekron’s out of the picture again, dead should mean dead from now on. But we’ll have to take their word because REBOOT!

  7. Didn’t Death shrug the whole Blackest Night thing off as the supers having a bit of fun in that Lex Luthor series that came after it? Something like it didn’t matter that people came back to life since (big picture) she gets everyone eventually.

  8. [low-hanging-fruit joke about a Landis killing two kids in a helicopter]