It’s About Family

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Not a comic article today, but hopefully it’s still worth your time.

I have a very healthy relationship with my brothers, Geremy and Justin, though in this site’s 3 years, I never brought either of them up. Justin is currently a schoolteacher while Geremy is… something else. Something else entirely.

He’s always been big into music and his various musical exploits had evolved into a rock group called The Fever, which hung around New York City several years back and released several albums during their tenure. He took the helm as lead singer. Here, have a music video.

He’s moved onto other projects since the band broke up, including the creation of the short-lived MTV advertisement character Chunky Pam. He later created a non-MTV video with her about our homeland, New Jersey. Cameo appearance towards the end by my brother Justin as the Sopranos-esque mystery man at the diner.

Nowadays, he’s got a gig working for Diesel, the jeans company. For their site, he writes and directs short movies that even I have trouble wrapping my head around. But he’s my brother and I love him, so I go with the flow.

The pride and joy of the Diesel video collection is The Rise and Fall of Pete the Meat Puppet. He wrote it, directed it and even performed the overly catchy song. Watch it and enjoy your impending nightmares.

You might be better off just going to the YouTube page for it, since they have it in high def.

Looks like the short is taking off a bit, since it got featured on G4’s Attack of the Show. Sweet.

Geremy’s warned me about how Pete looks even more messed up in color and showed me a picture to prove his point. It’s… not pleasant.

He was also behind Hair Bath, a series about an attractive woman disturbingly obsessed with your hair.

You can check out more of his stuff, including the further adventures of Pete the Meat Puppet, at Diesel.com. Send in your hair if you can fit it into your schedule and buy… Diesel jeans…? I guess?

(Really, though, I don’t know what the fuck.)

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6 comments to “It’s About Family”

  1. what the hell was that

  2. its funny.. but what is it all about?

  3. It’s about a man made of meat trying to find the meaning of life. Weren’t you paying attention?

  4. I haven’t watched the whole video sorry bout that, the song freaked me out at the first time, but I watched it now and moral lesson learned thanks..

  5. It’s the way the wee bastard moves his eyes that really worries me.

  6. Pizza the Hutt!?