This Week in Panels: Week 91

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Hola. This week I’m joined by the regular crew: David Brothers, Was Taters, Space Jawa and I form the head! Jawa happened to supply the entirety of the Flashpoint tie-ins, God help him.

Today I took in a double-feature of Green Lantern and X-Men: First Class. Green Lantern was really average, but then became completely forgettable once I finished watching First Class. While the movie was merely okayish, the mid-credits sequence had me laughing my ass off at how bad it is.

I don’t feel like I’m really spoiling anything with this. I mean, we all know who Sinestro is, right? You’re on a comic site. You know that Sinestro is to become a bad guy. Rather than give him some kind of character arc to push this, he plays the role of Ice Man from Top Gun until it’s time for the credits. You know how people complain about the way Anakin Skywalker was portrayed in the Star Wars prequels? Imagine if at the end of Attack of the Clones, after the wedding, they cut to the credits, then afterwards show Anakin put on his Darth Vader armor and go, “Okay, I’m evil now. Kuh….shhhh!

Avengers Academy #15
Christos Gage and Tom Raney

Avengers #14
Brian Michael Bendis and John Romita Jr.

Batgirl #22
Bryan Q. Miller and Pere Perez

Batman #711
Tony S. Daniel and Steve Scott

Darkwing Duck #13
Ian Brill and James Silvani

Deadpool MAX #9
David Lapham and Shawn Crystal

Fear Itself: The Home Front #3
Christos Gage, Mike Mayhew and varioius others

Fear Itself: Youth in Revolt #2
Sean McKeever and Mike Norton

Flashpoint: Deadman & The Flying Graysons #1 (Space Jawa’s pick)
J.T. Krul and Mikel Janin

Flashpoint: Deadman & The Flying Graysons #1 (Taters’ pick)
J.T. Krul and Mikel Janin

Flashpoint: Grodd of War
Sean Ryan and Ig Guara

Flashpoint: Legion of Doom #1
Adam Glass and Rodney Buchemi

Flashpoint: Wonder Woman and the Furies #1
Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning and Scott Clark

Hellblazer #280
Peter Milligan and Gael Bertrand

Hulk #35
Jeff Parker and Carlo Pagulayan

Invincible #80
Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley

Power Girl #25
Judd Winick and Hendry Prasetya

Skaar: King of the Savage Land #4
Rob Williams and Brian Ching

Superman/Batman #85
Joshua Hale Fialkov and Adriana Melo

Tiny Titans #41
Art Baltazar and Franco

Yes, that’s right. Darkwing Duck’s new villain is a monkey version of Bullseye. No, he doesn’t fling that at Darkwing.

Best comic of the week is Avengers Academy. That scene with Mettle is just heartbreaking.

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5 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 91”

  1. Woah… in the Darkwing Duck pic, izzat a reference to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze?
    That is some damn obscure pop culture, right there.

  2. @Joe England: I’ll be buggered, it is. I remember that name and everything, down to Mike saying “No deposit no return” when they found one of those canister’s empty.

    …God now I feel old.

  3. Am I the only one enjoying Home Front and Youth in Revolt?

  4. Peeking at Deadpool MAX, I just knew that panel would pop up here.

    Only good thing about the Grodd one-shot: fantasy that people would go to cons and ask artists to draw Grodd done up as Kratos. There has to be a silver lining somewhere, right?

  5. @Jason: Now you have me picturing Grodd in Kratos’ place in this comic: http://thepunchlineismachismo.com/archives/84

    I’m going to be laughing most of today because of that.