Deadpool vs. BB Hood is One Step Closer and There was Much Rejoicing!

April 20th, 2010 by | Tags: , , ,

Who wants a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer?

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Okay, I see Deadpool’s there during the Marvel silhouette. Bring in Cage and Iron Fist and we’re all good.

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13 comments to “Deadpool vs. BB Hood is One Step Closer and There was Much Rejoicing!”

  1. re: the Luke Cage/Iron Fist comment, I honestly can’t think of two Marvel characters better suited for a fighting game, and I’m hoping if we don’t get both we get one or the other.

    regardless, Fuck. Yes.

  2. […] vs Capcom 3 Thanks to Forth Letter for bringing this to […]

  3. Hahaha, Tony vs Morrigan. Natch!

  4. I dunno, man… That silhouette looks like Ronin to me.

  5. Haha, if it is Ronin that’d be pretty funny – continuing Capcom’s trend of reflecting current Marvel goings-on just as the classic status quo is being reinstated (MvC2’s Bone-Claw Wolverine arrived just as he got the adamantium back in the comics).

  6. If you had released this on April 1st, I would have gone insane.

    As for the trailer, I know it’s going for the look of the SFIV trailer, but it also gave me a Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects vibe. I can only hope it stays truer to the VS. series.

  7. Here’s some official art, I think by that Shinkiro chap, with more enigmatic silhouettes.

  8. Between Super Street Fighter 4, King of Fighters 13, and now this, I am a rather excited fighting games fan.

  9. Tony vs. Morrigan. Dude. I gotta get this game.

  10. Very pretty, but the Haduken was kind of lacking.

  11. I clearly see Super-Skrull in silhouette, which is a pretty brilliant way of introducing the FF without, y,know, wasting four character slots.

  12. Even though I’m sure that everyone has seen these already



    If Deadpool doesn’t act like this, I’m putting a brick through the screen. 😡

  13. Capcom vs Marvel 3. Futurama coming back on the air. It’s like all of our collective deepest desires are all coming true, slowly but surely. So what should be next? Dollhouse resurrection? S.W.O.R.D. coming back?