Art School

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Steve Epting went from this:
to this:
capa021_covcol.jpg capa012.jpg ca_v5_13.jpg

Patrick Zircher did very passable work on Cable/Deadpool. Good, not great. Here’s a few covers:
cable_deadpool_20.jpg cabledeadpool-36.jpg

But, have you seen his Terror, Inc pencils?
lowresterr001007.jpg lowresterr001008.jpg lowresterr001010.jpg

Holy crow! What’s Marvel putting in the water? I know that there are a few other artists who have really manned up under Marvel’s iron fist, too. It’ll be interesting to see who else goes through big changes.

And yes, I realize Steve Epting came back with Crossgen or whatever, but still! His work is incredible.

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4 comments to “Art School”

  1. Are you sure those aren’t two different guys named Steve Epting?

  2. Terror, Inc.? They are bringing that back? Man that is old school. I hope they get the back story right.

  3. Travis Charest is a classic example of this.

  4. Of artists massively improving over the years I mean, not getting better under Marvel…