Tomorrow, the DC Christmas Special. The day after tomorrow, Batgirl 5. Today? Oh my god, this.

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LOOK AT THAT!  That is CaveBatman!  That is BatManderthal!  I love this and I can only hope he gets a ton of panel-time.  Look at those wings.  That’s better than Batman’s current costume.  I adore this.  Oh, please.  Oh, please have a whole series about this guy.

And I want a series about:












I’ve been feeling the holiday blues, but this makes my eyes twinkle.

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17 comments to “Tomorrow, the DC Christmas Special. The day after tomorrow, Batgirl 5. Today? Oh my god, this.”

  1. I remember the Elseworlds Annual with BatPirate…

  2. @LurkerWithout: They’ve had a couple of books with Batpirate. I believe Jason was the ship’s boy (don’t laugh) and the Joker was a . . . worse pirate, somehow? And Selina Kyle was a competing pirate. I haven’t seen a Cave Bat yet, though.

  3. I suggest someone make a remix of Walk the Dinosaur and Bat Dance in light of this.

  4. I am eagerly awaiting your Batgirl play-by-play for this month’s issue.

  5. “BatManderthal”… I like it. 🙂

  6. How great are these? Andy Kubert’s underrated, man. I’m re-reading Batman and Son – he and Morrison work well together.

  7. I know I’ve seen panels from a Silver Age book featuring Cave-Man Batman & Robin. And given all the Silver Age shout-outs in Morrison’s run so far I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s referencing one of them…

  8. Bottom left

  9. batcaveman.

  10. @James W: Eagle eyes! Nice.

  11. I’m trying to guard my enthusiasm a bit, but you have to admit there’s something poetic about the phrase “caveMAN batMAN”.

    There’s also a bit of poetic justice in the idea of Batman, the ultimate pulp detective-inspired superhero, is going to live out several other famous pulp genres.

  12. Morrison is one cool dude

    also damn has any one person worked with this many good artists on one character in the space of just a couple of years?

    Kubert, Williams III, Quitely, Daniel (shut the hell up), and now Sprouse, Irving and Clarke. only dud in the bunch so far were Tan and Benjamin.

  13. Batbeard!

    Also, “That’s better than Batman’s current costume”

    It looks like Stan Lee’s Joe Kubert’s Batman (funnily enough)


  14. so, will bats meet up with vandal savage and or ras al ghul?
    maybe he inspires a legend that becomes the league of shadows.
    will he do the nasty in the pasty and be his own dad? maybe he kills his parents, after realising that the killer he just beat the snot out of did the world a favour creating batman.
    does joe chill still exist? I gave up trying to care about dc continuity a long time ago.

  15. meant “after realising that the killer he just beat the snot out of moments before the waynes entered crime alley did the world a favour creating batman.”

  16. So what other flavors of historical Batman are there? Samurai Batman? Colonial Batman? British Magistrate with Wig Batman? Surf Batman?

    Y’know, I started this list to come up with stupid ideas, and yet EVERY SINGLE ONE SOUNDS AWESOME!

  17. http://twitter.com/timelostbatman

    this is funny, could be the next Hobo Darkseid