This Week in Panels: Week 4

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Pretty small batch this week. hermanos is busy at that APE thing, so nothing from him. Esther insisted on including the Blue Beetle back-up from Booster Gold #25. Something about the “fangirls running the asylum.”

Batgirl #3
Bryan Q. Miller and Lee Garbett

Booster Gold #25
Dan Jurgens

Booster Gold #25’s Blue Beetle back-up story
Matthew Sturges and Mike Norton

Deadpool #900
Joe Kelly, Rob Liefeld and many others

Frank Castle: The Punisher MAX #75
Tom Piccirilli, Laurence Campbell and many others

Secret Six #14
Gail Simone, Nicola Scott and Carlos Rodriguez

Yes, I understand that I’m a jerk for not having Incredible Hercules up on here. I’m trying to catch up on the series, okay? I’m working on it!

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9 comments to “This Week in Panels: Week 4”

  1. Who is that wee girl, and how does she know Blue Beetle’s real name?

  2. She’s the current Blue Beetle’s little sister.

  3. You know sometimes I think one of the reasons Booster Gold hasn’t been canceled is so that they can keep putting up those Blackboards.

  4. I’m particularly intrigued by this “Last Son of Krypto” business. I mean, Krypto’s the most powerful dog in the world and can move at such speeds that the entire world could be considered his territoty, so he’s pretty much the alpha male of dogs for the entire planet. Who knows how many Kryptonian-terrestrial dog hybrids he may have sired? Even if they’re only half as powerful as he is, that’s still a significant amount of power for a whole bunch of animals with primative intelligence.

    I really hope the next doomsday scenario for the DC Universe involves Kryptos massive brood going on a rampage.

  5. @versasovantare

    I think that you’ve just discovered the secret origin of Ragecat. An ordinary Earth housecat, tormented and driven to the pits of hell by those goddamned flying dogs from next door! And one day, a shiny shiny glowing thing flies through Mittens’ front door and starts yowling at him in the “old language”. The language of cats as gods (Egypt), the language of cats as saviours (the Black Plague. Hey, someone had to eat all of those diseased rats!), lowered to demanding scraps from those damnable bipeds! And they love the flying monster dogs more than Mittens!!1 They will pay, they will all pay!!!

  6. Am I crazy, or was that panel in last month’s Secret Six?

  7. @versasovantare: So you’re saying that Adam Strange is really a super dog?

  8. I really wish I got what you meant Gavok. I know who Adam Strange is, but I don’t really get the joke.

  9. “Yes, I understand that I’m a jerk for not having Incredible Hercules up on here.”

    yes you are, newest issue would have made your head explode trying to pick just one panel to use for this article