Anticipation Collapse

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The DCU blog released a preview of Batgirl #1.  Don’t bother checking.  They don’t say who she is.

Although there are strong hints, and as far as I can tell no comics company has ever played the game slyly enough to counteract people’s expectations with misplaced hints, the identity of the new Batgirl has not been announced.

Back at Wonder-Con I was bubbling with anticipation.  Now I’m just so tired.  Just.  So.  Tired.  I know that anything to do with comics means a long waiting period, but at some point the question is drawn out long after the answer becomes a source of irritation instead of curiosity.

I know all comics readers, all media consumers in general, have had experiences where the storyline, the movie, the build-up, the series, the idea, or the wait is drawn out so long that the pay-off no longer seems worth it no matter what it is.

So spill, oh faithful gripers.  At least it will take my mind off of things.

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17 comments to “Anticipation Collapse”

  1. avatar is seeming less and less likely to be that interesting in terms of plot.

  2. and its gotta be cassie, unless some lazarus pit water was saved, and babs can walk.

  3. Ugh! They always eem to drag these things out far past their lifespans, like they do in soap operas, they milk it and milk it and milk it then rush the ending/reveal once they realise (too late) that people no longer give a s#!t.

    On that note, did they ever reveal who Red Hulk or the new Black Panther are?

  4. @Valhallahan: No on the first one, and I think the second was just T’challa’s cousin(?) for a few issues while he healed, but I may be wrong on that last one. I only flipped through it to see if the Monica Rambeau tease was followed up on.

  5. No hype seems to be worth the pay-off.

    But the realization usually only happens after the publisher/studio already has your money, by which point it’s mission accomplished for them.

  6. I know who the new Batgirl is, she’s the Red Hulk! Seriouly, what was wrong with the old Batgirl, or the old Azreal?

  7. @Syrg: Yeah, they’d been setting up Shuri, T’Challa’s sister, as the new BP since just after the first arc. That shouldn’t have been a “Who is it?!??!?!” at all.

  8. The Red Hulk is Doc Samson.

    Oh, I know they say it isn’t, but every clue they had in the first three or four issues said it was Samson. Then Loeb realized everyone had already figured out his Masterful Plot Twist, so he pulled a “NUH-UH, EVERYONE’S WRONG!” until he could figure out a new suspect.

    So the Red Hulk is Doc Samson. Always has been, always will be.

  9. Yuh that confused me too when in thunderbolts, samson turned a red colour on air force one

  10. tom welling. suit.

  11. I never understood what the problem was with Cassie. For some reason, most of the writers at DC just seem to hate her. They turn her into a supervillain, they throw her in a crappy series, they ignore her characterization, and now, apparently, she’s just being kicked out of the batgirl slot. Seriously, the fans like her well enough so why don’t they?

  12. @Joe England:

    She isn’t caucasian.

  13. And she doesn’t have big tit or run around have naked.

  14. Tim Drake is going to be the new Batgirl. He’s always wanted to feel pretty. Shhh. Don’t tell anyone and spoil the surprise…

  15. At this point there’s nobody who could be Batgirl that would be that great a surprise.

    And personally, I’d rather stick with Cass.

  16. “Oh, I know they say it isn’t, but every clue they had in the first three or four issues said it was Samson.”

    Huh, I was leaning more towards General Ross, myself. I didn’t read the thing all that closely though.

    I kinda saw Spoiler as the odds-on-favourite for the new Batgirl, though from what I’ve heard of the previews it looks like there’s more than one Batgirl, so maybe Cassandra and Stephanie are sharing the identity.

  17. I just realized today that it looks like they’re not planning to reveal it for the first three issues – is this correct?

    If so, I have to say, it says something about characterization and good writing if it’s not clear enough to us fans who it is, regardless of a mask. I mean, Barbara sounds, thinks, talks differently than Cassandra, who talks, thinks, acts differently than Stephanie…right?

    I mean, I understand the idea here – but not revealing it for multiple issues just smacks of bad writing at some point…we should be able to tell who it is from experience in reading these characters. Seems like a big FAIL to me…but maybe that’s just because I want it to be Cass and don’t understand why Batgirl needs a hard dramatic reboot. So frustrating.