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I usually don’t rock comics clothes. It just isn’t my thing and I just feel uncomfortable in wearing like a Punisher t-shirt. All of the comics shirts I actually wear are at least a little subtle, you know? Anyway, I saw this on Bossip (which is like a constant stream of player hation mixed with occasionally positive posts) and wow, that’s a hot shirt.

I don’t know if it’s the design of Batgirl or the faded look on the baby tee or what, but I dig this. It’s a great bit of design.

Michelle Williams is the chick in Destiny’s Child who wasn’t Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, or the other one. I’ve gotta confess that I haven’t heard a single song of hers since DC broke up, but she’s probably worth at least a casual listen. My R&B game has just been terrible for the last, oh, eight years.

Did anyone out there watch The Batman? The only ep I’ve seen was the Harley Quinn one and it was decent enough. Was the rest of the series worth checking for?

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9 comments to “This is a dope t-shirt”

  1. My wife recently got into Batman from watching Justice League, and she loves The Batman. She says he’s more relaxed and easygoing, and even has girlfriends.

    Me, I can take it or leave it. The dialouge is often pretty bad, but the character designs are interesting.

  2. Batman getting a girlfriend on the cartoon is actually kind of an awesome idea. I’ll have to look the show up.

  3. “The Batman isn’t Batman: TAS therefor it sucks.”

    Well, someone was going to say it. I couldn’t get into it, personally. I just couldn’t take Yet Another Bat-Reboot. You’d think DC would have realized from the success of JLU that they don’t need to lean on Batman all of the time. People can handle other heroes.

  4. See, I just don’t get the BATMAN THE ANIMATED SERIES IS THE ONLY BATMAN sentiment.

    Don’t get me wrong, I loved the show, but honestly, it got five solid years, followed by three years of Batman Beyond, four years of Static Shock and five years of Justice League.

    Altogether, that was 16 years worth of stories. Why do people get so offended that WB let some other people play with the toys?

  5. Honestly, the first two season of The Batman was pretty bad. The only really interesting part of it was the relationship between Bruce Wayne, and the two police officers. That part was good, though in a sense, I just can’t see Bruce Wayne in a coffee shop casually having coffee with a cop.

    Unlike the 60’s series, the show became watchable when Batgirl debuted. They moved more towards Bruce being Batman and not Bruce Wayne. However, the show hit its stride with the hour special with the Martian Manhunter. The last season was the best and, weird to say, it was canceled a bit too early. They had some really good stories on the last bit (Especially the Flash and Green Lantern eps.)

  6. The show was different, but it had to be. It couldn’t be Dini-verse part 2. Pending the Penguin character (he really didn’t have a point here), The Batman was a very solid show. Would I buy it on DVD? Nah, it doesn’t have replay value for me, but it certainly wasn’t wasted time when I watched it the first time.

  7. “The Batman” was “Jackie Chan Adventures” with costumes.

    Well, maybe I just felt that way because it appeared to be the same animation designers.

  8. ““The Batman” was “Jackie Chan Adventures” with costumes.”

    I see no reason why this is not awesome.

  9. The Batman isn’t that bad. It’s at it’s best when it’s delivering ridiculous superhero action (Joker on venom) and doesn’t try and do what the classic DCU stuff did best. Probably my favorite involved Zombie Robin and Zombie Batgirl VS Batman