Adventure Comics #1 Preview

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I love the covers, I love the idea, I love the title.

And now?


There’s no way in hell I’m not reading this.

It’s stuff like Adventure Comics, the kids books, Superman/Batman silliness, and the possibly awesome new Batgirl series that makes me feel like comics are going my way again after some sad, grim years. 

Here’s to hope!

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10 comments to “Adventure Comics #1 Preview”

  1. I really do want to read the book you think this is going to be.
    It would be so awesome, as would a Batgirl book that didn’t require a Phd in DCU continuity to understand who’s under the mask, but the best you can hope for is that writers don’t smother you with backstory even though it’s always the elephant in the corner and the first port of call when a new writer comes onto the books roughly three minutes after someone notices good reviews and decides that isn’t what DC is all about and moves the original writer onto something crossover-intensive – then makes it clear that any failure is the responsibility of the fans.

    But the book you’re thinking of here? How it is in your mind? I want to read that and always have. Comics/fun, you know? I give the above book three issues tops before we see our first graphic death – though not necessarily one of the main cast.

  2. Sometimes a fun and charming book can mean a whole lot more than a big mega-crossover event ever could. I’m hoping for that kind of stuff from this series.

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  3. As far as statements about the “dark days” being over go, Kon-El punching his memorial statue into dust does the job nicely. And it’s like Bart’s trying to make up for all the ADD he missed while he was gone in one panel. I love it.

    I was already leaning towards picking this up, but now I’m sold.

  4. What is with the recent idea to costume superheroes in t-shirts and jeans? The guy above, Luke Cage, The Hood, Jason Todd..it all displays a criminally uncreative sense of costume design.

    It also makes them look all the more bland floating in the air next to a guy in tights. They should look ridiculous, not boring!

  5. Yeah, definitely looking forward to Adventure Comics. And if I recall correctly, the cover to Red Robin #3 looks like Superboy will be guest-starring there as well, so that’s nice.

    But I’m still very apprehensive about Batgirl. I want Cassandra Cain back under the cowl, and I know I’ll be disappointed if it’s anyone else. I’m hoping that Oracle will be a supporting character in that title, but I get the sense that Sirens and Batgirl are trying to fill the void that Birds of Prey left, but not quite succeeding. I don’t know, maybe I’m just still disappointed by the Oracle mini-series and that BoP is gone.

  6. @Maddy: that’s the cover for Adventure Comics #3. Easy mistake to make since Manapul is doing the covers for Red Robin.

  7. The art’s gorgeous here, but the writing in that preview is terrible. I feel like Geoff Johns has turned Superboy into himself– someone obsessed with recreating the past.

  8. Before I saw Manapul’s art, I wasn’t interested. Now I’m very interested. In buying some!

  9. Now… if we could just get Tim in something red and green again, the world will start to make sense.

    This looks really sweet. I’ve been looking forward to Adventure Comics for months. (Not to mention the conclusion of Legion of Three Worlds…)

    Does this mean Teen Titans will be good again too?

  10. @seth hurley: I don’t think Superboy and Luke Cage are in t-shirts and jeans because of laziness, lack of design sense or an attempt to make the characters “realistic”. It makes sense for those characters. Jason Todd, however…

    @Bill Reed: I don’t see how the writing in the preview is particularly bad, it seems to be utterly workmanlike. It makes some sense for a new Superboy series to be launched this way. Now if the whole book becomes one long “oh man superman rules I’ll never be as good as him” then yes, yes, you’re right. It would be setting back the clock on Superboy’s development in the most obnoxious way. With Johns these days, it seems probable that will happen, but I hope not.

    I miss the days when Johns used the past simply as a springboard for his own ideas – his earlier work on JSA and the Flash, for example.